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  • Platforms: Android 2.3.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 47 MB
  • Date Updated: 12/04/2018

If you are a fan of shooters, survive and have the same graphics as Minecraft, I would like to introduce to you a new game released to meet all your needs. This product is called Skyblock Hunter Survival Games. New game launched in early 2018, by the producer WabGame. The product has quickly gained a lot of positive reviews from players and reached hundreds of thousands of downloads on app stores. Let’s find out what’s hot in the game below.

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Introduction to Skyblock Hunter Survival Games

Skyblock Hunter Survival Games for Android is a perfect combination of many elements. This is a war game, shooting, survival and graphics resembling the legendary game Minecraft. You will have great experiences that can not be found in any other game on the market today. Come to Skyblock Hunter Survival Games; you will be involved in many fierce battles with the most modern weapons such as tanks, aeroplanes, … Try to complete many missions so that you can receive many. Also, you can earn some rare weapons by watching ads.

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How to play

Skyblock Hunter Survival Games for iOS is quite similar to other shooters on the market today. You have to destroy the number of enemies specified in a certain time. You need to do your best to be able to accomplish it on time.

Skyblock Hunter Survival Games Android/Gameplay

You will experience a lot of advanced weapons from melee, pistol, rifle, … Also, game control has been optimized very well. You can quickly get used to the character control through the virtual keyboard is designed neatly on the screen.


Skyblock Hunter Survival Games APK Download owns 3D graphics. But the most impressive thing in the game is that every detail, character, weapons in the game are designed in Minecraft style. The maps in the game are richly designed with a variety of terrain and weather. You will be participating in battles in mountains, ports, sea, … The sound in the game is also designed very real. You will feel the most intense and intense battle. Background music in the game is quite good and dramatic in each phase of the battle.

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Skyblock Hunter Survival Games Mod APK is a new and exciting shooter game for those who love FPS. You can download the game by visiting the link below. However, currently you can only play games on Android, but anyone using iOS should wait a while before the game officially supports this operating system. Have fun playing the game!