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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 66 MB
  • Date Updated: 31/08/2018

Sky Wars is a new survival game released by Blockman Multiplayer. This game brings whole new gameplay to the survival game fans. You will be engaging in real-time battles that are highly engaging with other players around the globe. In particular, the battles in the game will take place on the floating islands floating in the air. Players will have a lot of new experiences when joining this game, learn about it now!

sky wars 3

Battle on the flying islands

You will become a true warrior in this game; you will use all your power to destroy other players in the battle attractive. Initially, the player’s character will appear in a random position on the map of the game; your goal is to kill all the other players to become the last survivor. Of course, you will have to look for other resources and items to accomplish your goals. Players will have to control their character moving around the map of the game to collect different resources and weapons.

sky wars 2

You will use weapons to attack other players; you can use the resources to create solid bridges. These bridges will help you move to other islands and look for other players. If you attack other players, they can also attack and hurt you. You can fall quickly in the next battle when your HP level is exhausted. Therefore, collect different types of foods to restore your character’s health. With the best condition, you can kill other players more easily.

Destroy other players your way

You can use a variety of weapons to destroy other players. There are two types of weapons to choose from: sword and arrow, use these weapons to kill enemies quickly. Also, you can create traps to fight enemies; you can take advantage of the terrain design of the game to do this. If you are a true warrior, you will create many different ways to destroy the enemy and win.

sky wars 1

Graphics Pixel

Unlike other games of the same genre, Sky Wars Mod owns the familiar Pixel 3D graphics design. You will feel this game has the same graphic design as the famous Minecraft game. The characters and surroundings are simply designed with the boxes stacked appropriately. The sound of the game is well designed to bring the battle more attractive to the player.

The end

Sky Wars APK Download will be a new choice for fans of survival games. The game offers players whole new gameplay, new maps, new fighting style … Sure, you will love this game from the first look. The graphic design of the game is not appreciated, but most players can experience this game easily. Now, you can download the game with the links at the bottom of the article to participate in the battle more attractive.