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  • Date Updated: 19/03/2019

GYour family has added new members. Lovely kids are in their developing age, and you want to have some gentle games to education for kids. Your requests will be met by BabyBus Kids Games manufacturer. They are one of the famous manufacturers with products suitable for young children. In particular, their products are based on real pandas. A lovely animal and loved by many people around the world. If your family members have a dream of becoming a pilot, let them join Sinyee Babybus Pilot.

Sinyee Babybus Pilot 2

Join exciting flights

In Sinyee Babybus Pilot for iOS, the game’s lovely panda wishes to become a pilot and join the adventures to conquer the sky. To conquer the sky, the panda will participate in many fun missions and meet new friends. In this journey, you will enjoy many attractive images. In addition to the beautiful stars in the sky, you also enjoy candies or pastries. Join now with the panda and get many attractive prizes.

Sinyee Babybus Pilot 3

Unique types of aircraft

To become a pilot, you will need aircraft to participate in the challenge of the game. There are many types of aircraft with unique designs for you to experience. You can overcome challenges with these types of aircraft such as pepper banana planes, shark aeroplanes and many other types of aircraft.

Sinyee Babybus Pilot for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In addition to becoming a good pilot, you have to know how to repair aircraft. You must participate in aircraft maintenance if you want them to work stably. A plane that can work well needs careful maintenance. To maintain the aircraft, refuelling the aircraft, cleaning the aircraft cleanly and replacing parts that have been rusted as screws are essential.

Sinyee Babybus Pilot 4

Many attractive tasks

When experiencing Sinyee Babybus Pilot APK Mod, players will discover many different unique missions. You can participate in the mission to fight evil forces. Or you can take part in exciting races along with many other lovely characters in the game.

Besides, you are also able to discover very attractive obstacles. You will control the plane and avoid evil clouds. If you touch the bad clouds, you will be shocked with electricity. Stay away from these clouds and collect assistive tools along the way to destroy evil clouds and complete missions.

Sinyee Babybus Pilot 5

Some impressive features

Sinyee Babybus Pilot with the aim of providing fun experiences and improving children’s thinking development. The game has been prepared with more than six content with unique challenges to help children develop thinking ability. Besides, it also has more than 150 attractive mini-games for children to experience. These mini-games help develop self-reflection and self-awareness.

Sinyee Babybus Pilot 1

In addition to challenges with lots of interesting images to experience, the manufacturer also prepared 700 songs with many different topics for children to enjoy while participating in the challenge. These songs are built on topics such as art or science to help children have many memorable experiences. These songs are designed to harmonize with gameplay to give children the freedom to explore.