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  • Date Updated: 23/01/2018

Recently, the survival games are very hot in the mobile game arena. First of all, PUBG on the computer, it has created a fever around the world. Being a survival game, the game quickly attracted a large number of players. Shortly after that, mobile phones also have a lot of survival games like PUBG with many modern weapons and many different types of play. Join the Simulator Survival game; you will have to survive in a primitive world. Unlike the existing survival games, Simulator Survival takes you to an ancient land with many extinct creatures on Earth.

Simulator Survival Mod Apk latest for Android/iOS

simulator survival 4

Simulator Survival Apk Mod was developed by the UliaDev publisher on the Android operating system, with a capacity of 32Mb. Unfortunately, the game is not yet available on iOS; probably the developer will soon develop on this operating system. This is a fascinating game at the beginning of 2018, let’s find out about this game.

simulator survival 3

The beginning of Survival Simulator for Android  is not the same as the games of the same genre, you will be dropped on a wild island, there will be no houses, vehicles and modern weapons … Instead are the children horrible monsters and dense forests. Your task is to find ways to survive on this dangerous island, there will be many difficulties waiting for you in the front.


After dropping on the wild island, you will have to find food and build houses … What you have originally are only hammers, stone knife … Cut wood, kill small monsters And look for fruit to try to survive. Use existing items to build a base and avoid large predators to survive.

simulator survival 2

Simulator Survival for iOS also has a very special feature that I feel is different from other games. You can tame the big dinosaurs, take advantage of the flexibility and speed to be able to make them listen. This is a very important part of your survival, big dinosaurs will eat you anytime, if you can domesticate dinosaurs then it is a great bodyguard for you. It will protect you from the dangers and difficulties of survival war.

simulator survival 1

To move easily in the Survival Simulator, you need to be familiar with the game’s control system. On the left side of the screen is the virtual button to move and navigate, while the right side of the screen will be four function buttons, each button will have a different function. Learn more about these functions, which will give you a much more enjoyable experience.

Great 3D graphics

Survival Simulator Android Gameplay

Simulator Survival is a survival game in the wilderness, so the landscape images are designed in detail by the developer. Rocky mountains, trees, beaches and monsters are portrayed as authentic, giving an incredibly enjoyable experience for the player. Along with that is the live sound system, the sounds of nature such as the flow of water, the sounds of monsters are horrible … create more attraction for the game.


If you feel the current survival game is boring try playing Simulator Survival game, which will give you a new experience that few other games do that. We provide the link below for you to download and install Simulator Survival for Android.