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  • Platforms: Android 7.0 or later iOS 10.0 or later
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  • File size: 1 GB
  • Date Updated: 17/03/2018

You are a fan of fighting games. Recently, a famous game publisher GANBARION has launched an extremely aggressive 1v1 action role-playing game called Shurado. Game updated on February 11, 2018, supported on devices with the Android operating system. Join the game; you will play as a samurai with a sword and fight with other opponents in a match. Use your character skills and ingenuity to defeat all your opponents, bringing victory to your delight. With great support from the players in the world, Shurado will bring you the most exciting and dramatic matches.

Shurado APK v1.0.3 Mod Money

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Shurado is a game with an interesting plot

Shurado for Android is a complex world with a lot of bad things, murderers and cold-blooded assassins. However, there are also the heroes, cherishing the desire to save the world. In a dark dungeon, where the evilest ones appear, there are always one-on-one battles. You will play a samurai warrior in battle and defeat all those who will stand in your way, giving them the taste of suffering.

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In the Shurado world, you are a lone warrior. Your task is to control your character battling with all enemies appearing in front. Move up and down, left or right, jump up or bend down to make it reasonable to approach or dodge the opponent’s attacks. An attack on opponents weaknesses so you can defeat them as quickly as possible.

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After each battle, you will continue to engage with the next opponent without being allowed to stop. With other games, you will be free to attack, but with Shurado you need to pay attention to the physical bar. When you hit, this physical bar will decrease. Therefore, you should use reasonable every time your attack. The winner is only one, calm down and use the right tactics to defeat every opponent.

Shurado provides you with a variety weapon system

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In Shurado Mod Money there are over 80 different weapons. Each weapon has different strengths, so choose one that suits your style of play. Soul fragments will help you upgrade your warrior’s strength.

Game mode

Download Shurado APK has two main modes of play: fighting machines and battling other players around the globe.

Graphics and sound

Shurado APK MOD is a great 3D graphics game. Realistic images, showing each character and each action in the game. Besides, live sound gives you the feeling of being in a real battle.

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Download Shurado APK MOD – Become a Samurai


This is an antagonistic game that gives players an exciting moment after hours of hard work and study. Control your warrior and defeat all opponents that dare to prevent you. Currently, games are being sold on the Google Play store and enjoyed by many from the gaming community. Download the game from the link below.