• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 54 MB
  • Date Updated: 26/11/2018

If you have many games with pixel graphics, then you should not miss the game using voxel graphics. Voxel is a pixel-like, yet beautifully graphical platform, with very few games nowadays using these unique graphics. Shoot Balls is a cute shooter game that uses voxel graphics; you will join the game and experience many voxel explosions. The game was released by Shooting Inc, which is available on App Store and Googleplay with over 50,000 downloads.

shoot balls fire blast voxel 1

The challenge is simple and fun

You will join the game with a single mission, shattering many cartoon characters built into voxel graphics to experience the game. This is a game that is more impressive to users when meeting the simple entertainment needs of many people. Games are an experience to relax and do not require the user to focus much on the game. You can easily experience the game anytime, while on the go by public transit, waiting for elevators, cooking, etc.

shoot balls fire blast voxel 2


To make it easy for people to experience, the gameplay is very easy to understand. When you experience the game, you will be asked to destroy many different targets that the game has arranged. In the game your target is usually the passive target, you will easily kill them quickly. The main experience of the game is to help people discover voxel explosions in the game. You will see many interesting images with voxel explosions around the game.

shoot balls fire blast voxel 3

Players only need to touch the screen of the device being used to experience the game. You will constantly destroy many of the goals that the game requires to get more bonuses. Bonuses in the game will be used to upgrade your gun to destroy the complex goals of the game. Using bonuses to upgrade Firepower, Fire rate, Energy rate will help you quickly destroy the target. With many interesting levels you will be able to discover many beautiful voxel pictures, and at each level, there will be BOSS LEVEL for you to destroy. Defeating BOSS LEVEL is an important condition for you to unlock the next level.

Shoot Balls – Fire & Blast Voxel

Graphics and sound

Shoot Balls for iOS has a very nice and unique voxel graphics, and the game is prepared for great picture quality. Simple content combined with beautiful graphics make the game more attractive. The visual effects in the game are unique; the game is suitable for many ages and easy with children. The interface in the game is very simple for people to control easily without spending a lot of time. Besides the unique graphics, the sound of the game is also designed to fit the content of the game. The sound of the game is very well prepared and suitable for everyone.

shoot balls fire blast voxel 4

You are ready with the voxel explosion

If you just need a game for the purpose of relaxing in a short time and simply Shoot Balls is an option that can not be more suitable. You will be happy with this game; the game is easy to understand and help you to have a fun experience. A simple game but meet many needs in daily life.