• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 33 MB
  • Date Updated: 12/04/2018

If you are a fan of simple and entertaining games, you definitely can not miss the Shock Valley game. The game has a very simple and unique gameplay that other games do not have. You will have great fun with this new game.

shock valley 5

Shock Valley for iOS was released on April 3 on the Android operating system. Currently, the game is being distributed by Ablok Game. This is a new release on Google Play, and Shock Valley is their first product, promising to create a fever in the mobile market in the future. However, the game is still not available on the iOS operating system, the players of the operating system will have to wait for a while to experience. Hopefully, the publisher will soon launch the game on the App Store for everyone to experience.

shock valley 3

Simple and addictive gameplay

Come to Shock Valley APK Mod; you will be controlling a pistol with a lot of bullets. Your main task is to take the gun away as far as possible and score highs. Initially, you will shoot the first bullet so that the gun starts to move. After that, the gun will bounce with great velocity; you will have to adjust the time to shoot the next shot so that the gun will continue to move forward. This is a very difficult task, in the process of moving, the gun will continue to divert, and the timing is extremely difficult. However, if you are familiar with the game and control the movement of the gun, this alignment will be very simple.

shock valley 2

At each turn, you will be given certain ammo. Take advantage of the available ammunition to bring the gun away as far as possible. Align the time and shoot the bullets to create the next thrust and the gun will continue to move. This is very important; it will decide how far your gun goes. Also, each turn you will be adding a lot of money, that amount depends on how far the gun goes. Use that money to upgrade your gun and buy more ammunition so the gun can fly farther.

Graphic design

Shock Valley for Android has very simple and very addictive gameplay. So, the graphic design of the game is extremely simple and beautiful. The images of the game are designed in cartoon style, and the parameters are also displayed very clearly. Along with these are the physics effects, and collisions are designed very accurately to help players have a very true experience. With such a simple graphic design, the game has a very lightweight and can operate smoothly on most of the devices that are available in the market.

shock valley 1

We have provided the link below for you to download the game. Currently, the game only supports the Android operating system and is completely free to distribute on Google Play. Hopefully, next time, the game will be officially distributed on the iOS operating system. Have fun playing the game!