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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • File size: 73 MB
  • Date Updated: 04/03/2018

If you follow the articles of regularly, you surely know the RPG action games, especially, the Shadow Warrior series. There are many developers who have succeeded in this genre. Recently, developer Fighting Action Games has released the attractive game Shadow Warrior 2: Glory Kingdom Fight. The game takes you to a world of darkness with fierce battles.

Shadow Warrior 2: Glory Kingdom Fight APK Mod Money

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Download Shadow Warrior 2: Glory Kingdom Fight APK is being distributed officially on the Android and iOS operating system with a capacity of 73Mb. With light capacity, you can experience this game on any devices. After released on Google Play, the game quickly attracted a lot of attention from the players. Currently, the game has 500,000 downloads and a lot of positive reviews. Let’s find out more about this fascinating game.


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Just like previous versions of the Shadow Warrior series, you will play as heroes with lots of powerful fighting skills. They are locked into a world of only darkness and engage in battles to escape the world. The battles will never stop, the mighty warriors have to fight constantly and win the battle.

Familiar gameplay

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Shadow Warrior 2: Glory Kingdom Fight Mod is a sequel to the previous version. So, the gameplay of this game does not have too many changes; you will quickly accustom it. However, the game also adds a lot of novelties that the previous version does not have. You can choose your character and start battling; you should choose the character that has the strength to be able to suffer in a long battle. Your opponents will turn up and you have to fight with all to win.

Easy control system

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If you have ever played the previous version of this game, you surely find it easy to get familiar with the control system of this game. The virtual key system appears on the screen at every match, just use the virtual keys to use the skills and move your character. On the left is the virtual key that makes your character move, so easy to use. On the right is the virtual key to help you perform the character’s skills, there will be 3 keys, and you must use all three keys to fight.

Shadow Warrior 2 Glory Kingdom Fight Android/iOS Gameplay


Shadow Warrior 2: Glory Kingdom Fight for Android still has a familiar graphic design; all character images are black. The skills effects are very detailed and realistic; you will be very pleased with the graphics design of this game. Also, the sound of the game is lively that help players have an interesting experience.

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In general, Shadow Warrior 2: Glory Kingdom Fight for iOS has a familiar play and graphic design. However, the game also has a lot of different points that you need to explore. If you are interested in the game, you can download and install the Android and iOS operating systems under the link below.