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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 26/03/2018

If you are a fan of action games and looking for a game like that to enjoy every moment, PiePure will help you achieve that desire. Today, PiePure.Com will introduce you a new action game called Shadow Revenge 2. In this exciting game, you will become a Shadow Warrior with a huge mission. You have to fight monsters that want to invade Earth to protect the peace of the people. The game requires players to make good use of their intelligence to handle difficult situations.

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The gameplay

Shadow Revenge 2 Mod Money is a simple but fun role-playing game. Your task is to complete all the missions to become the best warrior. However, the difficulty will gradually up to 3 different difficulty levels, requiring you to train a lot to improve your combat ability.

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Special story

The story of Shadow Revenge 2 – Super Battle is based on an imaginary comic book. It is about the dark warriors undertake the task of saving the earth by fighting off aliens. By all cost, the dark warriors must stop the invasion of monsters to protect the peace of the people.

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Shadow Revenge 2 – Super Battle APK Mod Unlimited Money

In the beginning, there are four Shadow Warriors, you can choose one of them to accompany you in each battle with alien monsters. Every hero in the game has a story so their skills will be different. However, to ensure the balance in the game, the strength of the heroes is equally well built, so you do not have to worry about their power difference. The game system will continually direct you how to play effectively so that you can easily overcome the difficult challenges.

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Outstanding features

– Up to 4 Dark Warriors with different skills.
– Each Warrior can learn 5 special skills to fight.
– The game’s control system is quite flexible to allow players to control the actions of the character easily.
– Beautiful graphics with lively sound effects.
– The effect of the skills is extremely wonderful
– The skills of the character can be upgraded to increase his power.
– Collect super cute pets to help you in attacking enemies.
– Use gold, gems, diamonds collected from missions to upgrade the skills of warriors.

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In short, Shadow Revenge 2 – Super Battle is a simple but fun action game which helps you to relax in tired hours. You can download this great game via the link below of PiePure.