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  • Platforms: Android
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 84MB
  • Date Updated: 24/07/2019

An addictive game of Action RPG that you can not ignore. Shadow of Death APK Mod released by Zonmob Game Studio is getting hot now, as the number of downloads for the game on Google Play surpasses 1 million. It’s not a coincidence that this game is so hot, Shadow of Death for Android with its continuous action gameplay and equipped with extremely dangerous weapons of mass destruction, as well as armor to protect yourself, you can fight with the foes you encounter in the game.

Not only is the graphics investment, Shadow of Death has a very detailed story, it makes you think of the world in the game quite honestly and make you forget that you are in a world virtual.

Shadow of Death

In Aurora’s land of light was ruled by a king named Luther. The powerful king of Luther created an extremely wealthy and prosperous nation under the auspices of the royal family. The eyes of Oracle included many intellectuals from various fields (Art, Medicine magic, magic …)

However, the tragedy occurred to the land of light when a princess died, because of the painfulness of her sister’s loss, the 15th Lutheran king always had hope for his sister. Come back from the dead. This good-looking ambition caused him to create a terrible epidemic that only he could cure by studying Magic, Medicine, and Alchemy. Countless innocent people died of the disease, taking advantage of the fact that he quietly collected the bodies of the victims to carry on his next plan and immediately disappeared.

Shadow of Death 3

The land of light falls into a time of chaos; war is everywhere. At that time, the ruler of the royal family of the 14th Lutheran ruler who had fought with other powers outside the kingdom returned after 20 years. However Max lost his memory and could not remember what had happened, and he was fortunate enough to have the gods give him more power. When the kingdom is slowly becoming disturbed, Max begins to find lost memories and at the same time stands up to destroy the monsters that plague has created.

Download Shadow of Death for Android and join to get back memories that have been lost before, then the player will control the character to destroy the monsters on the way to meet, collect more Weapons and armor help Max become more and more powerful and invincible. The monsters always appear very fast and take advantage of the loopholes to attack you; it is best to set up and cut them as fast as possible to complete the task to pass the next screen quickly. The biggest difficulty of each level is the last Boss, they are always strong and can destroy you at any time.

Shadow of Death 2

With Shadow of Death, you will have two main game modes, Challenger and Adventure, along with 30 maps for the player to experience. To win the game, you should upgrade your armor as well as armor with skillful moves to win Bosses with skills that deal massive damage. After getting used to the skill, you can combine the main skills to deal maximum damage to monsters.

Not only that, the developer has built Game Shadow of Death is equipped with familiar graphics and very similar to the previous Shadow games, but only with 2D graphics but the game brings a sharp feeling. Not inferior to other 3D graphics games. With the contrast of light and darkness that make for a very classy contrast, along with a lively sound system and immensely beautiful skills, you’ll have an enjoyable experience.

The strongest feature of this game is that you can completely download offline games without the network connection, so you can enjoy entertainment wherever there is no network connection. And wait, quick Download Game Shadow of Death for Android, and IOS users may have to wait until next year to be able to experience this hit game.