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  • Date Updated: 31/01/2018

According to the information we just received, the publisher of Square Enix launched its Servant of Thrones game on January 24th and is well-received by many players. In June 2017, Square Enix began developing and releasing a promotional video for the game. After many modifications and updates, Servant of Thrones for Android has officially appeared on both the store of the Android operating system and iOS operating system. Servant of Thrones for iOS is an action genre and draws in the Japanese Anime style, which is sure to be a game you can not miss at the beginning of 2018. Let us explore this exciting game.

Download Servant of Thrones Mod Apk for Android/iOS

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Attractive tactics game

If you’ve ever played Clash Royale, it’s probably easy to get used to the Servant of Thrones Mod. Clash Royale is also a highly popular and well-known tactical game. However, Servant of Thrones also has a lot of differences that you need to experience; it will give you a very interesting feeling.

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Coming to the Servant of Thrones, you will join a fierce battlefield, where a lot of difficulties await you. With each match, you and your teammates will have three lanes to start the fight. You can control many of the warriors that are available from your team, asking them to attack and destroy the enemy base. You will be given eight cards for each match, with each card used to lose a different amount of mana. Also, Servant of Thrones Apk offers many more races to choose from. There are five races and are grouped into groups: Wood, Fire and Water. If you know how to take advantage of the races and cards you have, you can beat the enemy quickly.

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The difference of the Servant of Thrones with the other games of the same type is the unique mediation tower system. This is where you can take advantage of or regain control of the game, try to adjust the tactics to occupy the middle tower. The middle tower system will be in the middle of the map, you can command your minions to fight and grab the intermediate tower.

After gaining control of the intermediate tower, you can use your strongest attack as “ultimate” to take advantage of the team. However, every single player in the game is allowed to use this skill only for the whole match, so consider carefully the tactics before deciding to use this skill.

Anime style graphics

As mentioned above, the Servant of Thrones is an impressive 3D Japanese Anime design. Small details and skill systems are also strongly invested to provide an enjoyable experience for players. Along with that, the live and true sound system brings a new experience to the players.

Download Servant of Thrones Gameplay Android – iOS


Currently, Square Enix publishers have released the beta version, and everyone in the world can experience it. However, Download Servant of Thrones is not yet available internationally, and the beta test is using Japanese. Perhaps the international version of the game will appear shortly, you can follow and update the latest information of Servant of Thrones under the path below, to become the first in the world experience this game.