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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 10.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 29/05/2018

Football is the king sport. But football is a fierce battlefield between players; they are like soldiers. Players must undergo rigorous workouts to get physical strength, speed and technique peak. The goal of the player must pass along the team to win the glory called the championship. Originally released by First Touch Games Ltd, after the huge success of Score! Hero & Dream League Soccer. Score! Match is a new online football game that is being played by many players.

Score! Match APK v1.05 Mod Money for Android/iOS

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Football and new style

All the basic techniques of a player you have to control such as shoot, control the ball … Like the real football matches. Play as you want, win your way. Players will demonstrate their skills and tactics to bring the team to the championship.

Online tournament mode

score match free

Score! Match is an online game, where players will have many opportunities to fight with other players, players can also match with friends in the match. Players need to combine to win the competition and bring back the reward. You will arrange your team according to your tactics; you can also upgrade your players’ stats when they reach higher levels. You only need to show your skills and tactics to score goals and win matches in the game. When you do not have a healthy squad, do not worry because every win is based on your tactical and technical abilities.

The game has the famous players

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Download Score! Match has a real-time system, with many of the same players in the same game making the competition that other games do not have. The time is also pushed up faster and creates the tension of a football match. You are a passionate football player and show your passion in Score! Match Mod Money. It is a very interesting playground!

The players in the game are constantly updated and fastest to meet the truth in each game. Popular players will be sold at very high prices like real life. You want to get the players to earn money by winning or winning tournaments in the game. Your players will need to be upgraded to be able to win more easily in the matches. Improving your skills and tactics will help you win more.

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Download Score! Match APK MOD Money/Access

True graphics

Score! Match for Android is designed with the sharpest 3D graphics, giving you a true feel for the professional players. The players are also clearly distinguished from the surroundings of the pitch. Players can choose to practice with smart AI based on the team’s parameters and their level.


Games require your phone to be high-profile, free space must be large. To be able to play Score! Match for iOS players need a high-performance phone to experience the game in the best way. With Android devices running Android 5.0+. Score! Match has been released on Google Play and the App Store.