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Everyone is familiar with the Cartoon Network. The channel is loved by people of all ages because of its beautiful, cute characters design and attractive plot. The Scooby-Doo cartoon has been associated with the childhood of many people, especially the 9x generation. The movie is also adapted into many different games, especially the Scooby – Doo Mystery Cases game. The game was produced by Warner Bros International Enterprises and received a lot of praise from the players.

Download Scooby – Doo Mystery Cases Mod Unlocked

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Relive childhood with Scooby-Doo Mystery Cases

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Coming to Scooby – Doo Mystery Cases for Android, you’ll play as characters in the movie and join adventurous adventures. Your task is to read the story in the game carefully, then find clues and solve the mystery around. You will be involved in solving many different situations, from in the circuses to on the streets … You need to go out, scour every corner to find the first clue. The clues are essential for you to solve the case.

Join the adventure

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After you discover the mystery behind the events in the game, you will be levelled up. Your task is to conquer as many missions as possible. Also, take the Scooby – Doo to the accessory shop, and buy more clothes for your character. You will lose a small amount of money for the dog to eat. The game is quite similar to the cartoon; the characters are wearing rather odd clothes such as duck buoys, necklace, bracelet, hat cover … Try to complete many tasks, to receive the prize money to buy these things. You need to look for important clues and evidence, then bring the guilty person to the light.

Scooby – Doo Mystery Cases APK (Mod Unlocked)

Cute cartoon style graphics

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Mystery Scooby – Doo has 45 different levels to conquer. You will experience a lot of exciting adventures, you will face many difficulties, but do not worry because it is not too difficult for you to overcome. These obstacles are often designed as a simple mini-game. Mini-games are very short; you only take about 1 minute for each mini-game.

You can also take a moment to watch Scooby – Doo videos such as Scooby-Doo: Nice Ride, Scooby-Doo, Babysits, … The characters in the game are designed similarity to the cartoon so you feel very more interested when playing. You will soon be caught up in the adventures of the characters in the game. Play games and experience on your own.

General comment

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Scooby – Doo Mystery Cases Mod Unlocked brings you a world filled with mysteries that need solving. Join the adorable scooter Scooby – Doo and become a career detective. You can download and play the game free by clicking the link below. Have a nice time playing the game.