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  • Date Updated: 14/02/2018

If you are looking for a game that combines action genre and strategy genre and has a unique deep story, would like to introduce to you a brand new game called Sangoku Justice. This is a tactical game. The game is based on 2D graphics and the popular anime characters system in Japan. According to the producer, the game will soon be released in the spring of 2018. You can experience the Close Beta when it launches by pre-registering.

Interesting story

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Sangoku Justice Mod Apk describes the years 2038, is facing rapid population decline due to low birth rates and high mortality. Therefore, to improve the population, the Japanese government abolished the ban on life sciences. This is one of many policies supported by many people. People think that this policy will quickly rebuild their country and bring glory to their country. Contrary to the Japanese people, neighbouring countries seem to be quite worried about this policy. Because it can cause Japan to revolt as a fascist empire as before.

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Because of this, anti-government forces have rebelled. They organized the demonstrations and stirred up the people. Thus, a civil war is inevitable. This has made the country split.

The future of the country lies in your hands

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After two years of struggle between the government and the opposition, the war cannot find a solution. This causes a third force to enter. This is a very powerful force and quickly became a powerful force in Japan. The leader is a tycoon in the underworld and is an international criminal. He quickly brought the organization to a solid position in the civil war that both sides were afraid of.

Sangoku Justice Apk Mod Unlimited for Android/iOS

In this difficult situation, a new government organization was established with the motto “strong Japan”. They vowed to fight for the country. This organization, under the guidance of the government, tried to stop the country’s civil war. Confronting this government organization that is the organization under the leadership of the international tycoon. Two organizations are fighting fiercely to win. The longer the war, the more people in this small country have to suffer more misery. The future of Japan has become obscure, three fighting forces making the country more and more exhausted.

Sangoku Justice’s play will soon be announced in the summer

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Japan is facing a protracted war. Humans are created for the sole purpose of fighting just like a machine. They were taken to the battlefield, their deaths no longer important. How will beautiful Japan be? Let’s wait for the game officially launched in early 2018.