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  • Date Updated: 19/08/2019

The sandwich is a popular food and used by many people around the world. It has simple ingredients and is easy to process; it serves the simple eating needs of people in many different circumstances of life. From these unique details, Popcore Games producer has released a gentle and engaging game for everyone to relax in short periods. The game is called Sandwich! And you can create many unique cakes with a variety of attractive ingredients.

Sandwich 2

Simple and easy to relax anywhere

Sandwich! APK Mod Provides easy-to-understand challenges, the game will provide you with a variety of materials. And you have the task of arranging the materials reasonably to create a complete cake. Baking ingredients will be arranged in different positions, and you need to swipe your hands in different directions on the screen of the device to create a great cake. After successfully processing a complete cake, you must touch the screen continuously to enjoy the cake you created and ready for the next challenge.

Sandwich 3

Join the challenge on each level

To create beautiful and delicious cakes, the manufacturer will prepare a variety of ingredients for your processing. In particular, your challenges will be built on each level. Each level will require you to process and arrange a variety of ingredients to create a delicious cake.

Sandwich! for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The basic levels will provide you with simple ingredients like cheese, herbs, or thin tomato slices. With these simple materials, you can quickly complete challenges in a short and accurate time. At higher levels, the number of prepared materials will be very diverse. Therefore, you will have to carefully observe the materials provided to get reasonable arrangements. From there, you will create a beautiful and attractive cake.

Sandwich 4

Your challenges will be prepared relatively diverse, and many different levels are waiting for you to conquer. Each level will allow you to create complete cakes with lots of attractive ingredients like eggs, cheese, green peppers, bacon, and many other ingredients. With light design and content, these tasks are suitable for different ages. In particular, families with children can be assured to explore the game without fear of being affected by inappropriate images (violence, lack of culture, …)

Sandwich 1

Are you ready?

Sandwich! Brings interesting puzzles for people to overcome. With attractive missions and many interesting images, the game is a great option to relax when you have free time. Also, the content of this game is suitable for families for children and parents can easily relax with children. By relaxing and entertaining together, parents can also use the game to teach them how to take care of themselves and prepare food when there are no adults nearby.