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  • Platforms: Android
  • Price: 2,49 US$
  • Date Updated: 09/01/2018

As you know farm management games, restaurant management has never been hot because it is suitable for all ages. And Samurai Chef game I want to share with you is also a game category of a restaurant chef. Game Samurai Chef gives us a fun and gentle entertainment, with humorous gameplay and live sound, beautiful graphics, the publisher Playgendary has made us not disappointed with the game Samurai Chef


When you open the Game Samurai Chef you will have to play a chef of a famous Sushi restaurant in Japan. There the restaurant owner created a series of extremely interesting and interesting dishes with the Samurai sword that was handed down and stored for a long time.


The gameplay of Samurai Chef game is very simple and attractive that players will associate fruit Ninja Fruit Ninja game but here you will experience very unique and new ideas from previous customers. Your face will show up the food that they like and throw the ingredients on your side and you have to control the swords of Samurai fast and flexible to slice all the fruits, meat, vegetables, fish … until they have become the perfect dish. If you do not use the professional Samurai sword, it will drop the necessary ingredients of an interesting dish to the ground; then you will have to do it again and spend more time. Not only that, your customers will have to wait a long time, they will leave and the reputation of your restaurant will go down. What makes the game so special and exciting is that during the cooking process, your staff will be tired and sleepy … use their hands to slap them so they stay alert and continue to work… When you go through the easy levels, the game level becomes more difficult and you face more difficult customers, more talented chefs. Use your energy, enthusiasm, and intelligence to control the swords of your opponents, demonstrating the classics of a famous cherry blossom restaurant.


For the Samurai Chef to become more engaging, Playgendary has added four challenging modes, 10 great cooks, 11 weapons and extremely funny 3D characters. Show off your level to unlock the levels ahead and confront the world’s top chefs.

Samurai Chef with beautiful 3D characters in the scene of a famous kitchen with the most modern equipment, accompanied by the sound of dishes … accompanied by the smoke from the food made game show Very real and let you down to the endless joy of a mobile game. Not only that, but Samurai Chef also supports the virtual reality glasses that make you wonder in the real scene so.

Currently, Samurai Chef is only supported Android OS 7.0 or higher and not yet available for iOS, but you can also download such games for iOS as Farm Samurai Chef … Samurai Chef is A cool game and sold for $ 2.29 on the Google Play apps marketplace. Pick up the phone and download Samurai Chef to your friends to play with, so you’ll love it.