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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 67 MB
  • Date Updated: 14/04/2018

Are you a fan of the world famous Dragon Ball Super? Do you love Sogoku and want to become this hero? Then Saiyan Legends will turn all of your wishes into reality. The game was released by CW Hob in early 2018. The game has quickly received positive reviews from the player and reached hundreds of thousands of downloads on the app store. Let’s find out what’s interesting in the game below.

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About the game

Saiyan Legends is a great and exciting RPG that you should not miss this summer. Coming to the world of the game, you will be engaged in the fierce battle and no less attractive. You will become Saiyans with unrivalled power. You will participate in battles to destroy your enemies and bring peace to the universe. This is a very difficult journey and requires a lot of new skills to win. Are you ready to join Saiyan Legends yet?

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How to play the game

Saiyan Legends APK Download allows you to build an army of your own. You need to participate in the mission of the game to get the money, experience, and equipment needed. Use these things wisely to get the most out of your character. The higher the level, the more powerful you can strengthen the character through the various indicators.

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Download Saiyan Legends for Android/iOS

Saiyan Legends for Android brings you many different heroes. You will be unlocking each hero through completing quests in the game. Each hero has different strengths and skills. Some notable features of heroes include ATK, HP, Rebound, Leech, Tenacity, Dodge, Hit and Crit. You need to know how to balance these stats to get the most out of your character.

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Saiyan Legends brings you quite attractive graphics. The game is equipped with 2.5D graphics so you will have a pretty good experience when playing games. The characters, equipment, details in the game are designed in a fun cartoon style. You will feel comfortable playing the game.

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Saiyan Legends for iOS is a great RPG game this summer that you should not miss. The battles in the game will make you feel great by the unique way of the characters. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!