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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 59 MB
  • Date Updated: 25/06/2019

Recently, a very fun and entertaining game has been launched called Run Sausage Run. Immediately after launch, the game reached number one of the top free apps of the App Store. Run Sausage Run was developed by Crazy Labs. Crazy Labs is a very familiar developer with many players, they have launched a lot of unique and innovative games with their crazy style.

Run Sausage Run APK v1.7.1 Mod Money

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How to play and features

Run Sausage Run Mod Money is a very interesting game; you will play a sausage! You will have to control this sausage to find a way out of the kitchen; there are many challenges and obstacles in the kitchen. You have to manipulate this sausage continuously. Otherwise, your sausage may be cut or grilled …

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This is not pleasant and easy at all. At the start of the game, your sausage will move quite slowly; you can arbitrarily increase and decrease the speed of the sausage to overcome the obstacles. Run Sausage Run for Android also applies the physical rules; the game will become much harder to require accuracy in every operation of the player.

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On your way, you will collect coins and power-ups for use in difficult situations. You need to try to reach the highest score. You use the coins to unlock the character’s outfits or buy power-ups. The costumes and power-ups of the Run Sausage Run are also varied, which will bring new things and players do not feel bored.

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Download Run Sausage Run APK Mod for Android/iOS

The game is designed to play on the vertical screen, the difficulty levels of Run Sausage Run quite fast, and you can pause at any time. This is a very useful feature for those who are busy and have little free time. Ads in Run Sausage Run for iOS may appear unexpected; if this makes you feel uncomfortable then you can buy an ad exclusion package to support the developer.

Sound and graphics of Run Sausage Run

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Download Run Sausage Run APK is designed with pretty 2D graphics. The expressions of the character are very clear and fun, the players who run Sausage Run will be very funny to see the funny expression of this sausage. The sound of the game also shows the madness of the developer; the soundtrack is great and monstrous, will make fun and entertaining players after hours of stressful work.


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Run Sausage Run APK Mod with unique and fun gameplay. Pictures and sounds are very creative and crazy but fun too. This game is very addictive for the player. If you like the fun and simple way of running Sausage Run, please download your mobile device to experience the relaxing and wonderful moments. You can download Run Sausage Run using the link below the article.