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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 34 MB
  • Date Updated: 09/07/2018

Royal Strike is a unique turn-based RPG game released by the well-known 111% producer. You will become a fun character in this game, you use different strengths of the character and defeat all the monsters to become stronger. This game is very entertaining and will suit those who are looking to optimize their time funds. The game is available on Google Play, let’s evaluate it before experiencing it.

royal strike 2

The battle of speed

When entering Royal Strike for Android, the player controls a circular character like a ball. This character possesses special abilities; he can move with great speed and high resistance. You will use the power of this character to defeat the fierce monsters in various difficulty levels to become stronger. You will face different types of monsters with different difficulty levels, each type of monster will have a special ability that players need to understand. If you already understand all the different characteristics of monsters, you can easily kill them. The gameplay is very simple and unique turn-based game; you will not take too long to be able to participate in this game. You use your finger to perform a swipe gesture to control the direction of the character’s movement.

royal strike 3

Destruction of the character will be displayed with an arrow when the arrow becomes the largest; then you end the touch operation so that the character can roll and collide with the monster to destroy them. Once you have completed your turn, it will be your opponent’s turn; you will win if you destroy all enemies on the map of the game. Also, you can collect different weapons in the battle to become stronger, each weapon has its strength, and you have to understand them to be able to use them properly.

royal strike 4

Fun character

After completing the difficulty level, you will receive the bonus coming from the game corresponding to your monster destruction achievement. You can use the bonus to buy new character types in the game’s store. New fun-filled characters are waiting for you to discover.

Royal Strike By 111% Android/iOS Gameplay


Royal Strike APK Download has a very simple 2D graphic design. 111% maker has always made games with graphic design and gameplay very simple but has attracted much attention from players. This game is no exception; you can see the style of the manufacturer right in this game. The graphic design of the game is not so eye-catching but still delivers sharp image quality for the player. The sound of the character, when confronted with monsters, is shown very lively and fun.

royal strike 1


Royal Strike is a game with unique and new gameplay with many players. This game is very simple and suitable for all ages, if you like this game, you can download the game with our link.