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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 46 MB
  • Date Updated: 23/04/2018

Are you feeling bored with the games on the current mobile game market? Are you looking for entertaining games with simple and engaging gameplay? Join the Royal Defense King very exciting game. The game is very attractive tactics; the sure game will bring a very interesting experience for players.

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Royal Defense King Mod Money was released by mobirix on April 18th with a capacity of 46Mb. Currently, games are being released on Android and iOS are free. So you can rest assured to download and experience the game. Right after the launch, the game has quickly gained a lot of attention from users around the world and promises to become very hot in the coming time. Let’s find out about this fascinating game.

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Familiar gameplay

If you have ever played the famous game Plants vs. Zombies are sure to get used to this game. Come to the Royal Defense King Mod Coin; you will be participating in the game extremely fierce and attractive. Start the game; your task is to protect the house against the strong attack of the enemy. Your enemies are monsters like the human skeleton, the living corpse, and many other monsters. They will constantly appear and attack and your house, your mission is to quickly summon the heroes and fight back.

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However, the strength of the army will depend on the recovery time of the heroes. First, you need to summon powerful heroes to defend and defend your house. Once the heroes of great strength appear, quickly summon and kill the enemy.

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Royal Defense King for Android/iOS – Gameplay

At the first level, the number of enemies that appear will be very small, and you will easily kill and win. However, at higher levels, the number of monsters will appear very much and continuously. You will have to adjust the time and give the right tactics to protect the house.

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Also, after each mission completion, you will receive a lot of bonuses. Use that money to upgrade heroes and unlock new heroes in the game’s store system. There are many powerful heroes present in the game’s store, unlock the heroes that match your tactics.

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Graphic design fun

Royal Defense King APK Download has a nice graphic design and fun. The images of heroes, monsters are described in a very cute cartoon style. Certainly, with such graphic design, the game will give you a very enjoyable experience. Also, the battle effects are also designed very vividly to make the game more authentic. We have provided a link below so you can quickly download and install games for Android and iOS. Have fun playing the game!