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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 27 MB
  • Date Updated: 20/12/2018

With busy life and work today, many do not have much time to relax and rest. So, being able to experience a game in a short time is the best way for them to relax. To meet the needs of everyone, Good Job Games producer has released a game with simple shooting content. Round Hit is the right choice for those who have simple and light entertainment needs. You will experience many simple shooting challenges but no less attractive.

round hit 2

Easy to understand the content

Round Hit for iOS is a simple entertainment game; you just touch the screen of the device to experience. Touch the screen to shoot in turns or keep your hand on the screen for continuous shooting. You will experience many challenges at each level. You will have to destroy the required objectives and avoid obstacles at each level.

round hit 3


You will be exposed to over 1000 different levels; each level will offer different challenges with many obstacles. You will have to experience each level and complete the tasks required to take part in the next challenge. Your goal will be fixed, and the obstacles will constantly move to prevent you from completing the mission. You need to observe the movement of the obstacles and avoid them so that you can quickly complete the requirements. If you hit the obstacles, you will have to play again. Because there is no time limit to complete the challenge, you can do your job freely.

Round Hit for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The next highlight when you experience the game is that you have the opportunity to equip and unlock many different types of guns. The guns are designed with many beautiful and impressive shapes, which bring a lot of fun when taking the challenge. Completing the quest required with the best achievements will help you unlock many new weapons.

round hit 4


Round Hit APK Mod has attractive 3D graphics along with a beautiful theme system. With simple gameplay, the manufacturer has prepared a good image quality to make this game more prominent. Colors are designed and arranged in harmony at each level to help players do not feel bored when the experience. Picture effects are also very real with impressive details. The smooth movement at each level will make the player feel confident and comfortable playing the game.

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You will love this game

Do you need a simple and easy game to relax at a small holiday? Round Hit will meet your requirements; you will be relaxed quickly. The challenges in this game will surprise you!