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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 268 MB
  • Date Updated: 21/03/2018

In recent times, TouchRun has officially launched Rogue Gunner: Pixel Shooting. This is a very engaging shooter and action game; the game supports all mobile platforms. The mission of the player is to fight and destroy the robots, discover new lands. Let’s find out about Rogue Gunner: Pixel Shooting.

How to play and features

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Rogue Gunner: Pixel Shooting Mod Money simulate a mysterious world, you will encounter monsters and robots are very powerful and scary. Also, you need to collect the items and discover the secrets of this world. At the start of the game, you will have to fight and destroy the monsters and robots to rescue the planet. In the battle, you need to skillfully dodge all the attacks of enemies, destroying all the monsters and robots that prevent you. You need to control your character further and explore the dungeon to find the Boss.

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Your task is to destroy the Boss to complete the level of difficulty, liberate these evilly possessed islands occupied. The game has very simple controls and easy to play; the virtual keyboard system has been optimized, you only need to do touch and hold hands on the phone screen, to control the character and attack the monster. When you are about to find the Boss, the game will be difficult; you have to handle very skillfully to avoid enemy ammunition; otherwise, you will lose a lot of blood and death.

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The character system in the game is very diverse, including three heroes are Laura, Jason, and Marty. Each hero possesses unique powers and skills. You need to show yourself as a skilled player, completing the assigned tasks with the highest score. You also need to collect new and more modern weapons and upgrade your weapons, to increase the fighting strength of your character.

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The monster system of the game is also very rich; you have to fight with the stronger monsters in higher difficulty levels. System upgrade feature, this feature allows players to upgrade special skills for characters such as magic, shield … The game has a lot of unique features; players will delight in the examination. Use these features when playing Rogue Gunner: Pixel Shooting for Android.

Rogue Gunner: Pixel Shooting APK Mod Money

Graphics and sound

Rogue Gunner: Pixel Shooting for iOS is a very familiar and straightforward 2D graphics game with very clear character and monster graphics, a huge map of the game designed with unique squares. The sound of the game describes very well the weapons and skill effects in battle. You will experience the real battle in a vast and impressive virtual world.


Download Rogue Gunner: Pixel Shooting is a classic shooting game, with a very large and mysterious map. Character systems, weapons, monsters are very diverse, simple and accessible gameplay, sharp and vivid graphics. The game will bring a lot of unique experience to players. If you like Rogue Gunner: Pixel Shooting APK Mod then you can download the game using the link below the article.