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Ring of Elysium APK Download is one of the most engaging action role-playing games today. Live games are of great interest to gamers around the globe. Just like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, the Ring of Elysium is available with a simpler, especially free installation. With a capacity of only about 5GB, players with an average PC configuration can also own and play the Ring of Elysium smoothly. If you are curious about this game, read our detailed article below.

Ring of Elysium APK

Unique story

In Ring of Elysium for Android, there is the existence of a company called EUROPA. This is a well-known technology development company. However, they have committed a crime that is kidnapping people to perform a crazy experiment. It’s Elysium – an experiment to test human survival through battles.

Ring of Elysium APK Download

To participate in experiments, everyone must show survival instincts by killing the rest. A world of simulations will appear in front of everyone, only one person is allowed to live. Therefore, you need to fight for life, collect more equipment and weapons to live and escape the world.

Ring of Elysium Free

How to play

To say that this is a new and exciting game genre. So, there were a lot of players in the world installing this game. Participating in the game, the player will take the same 99 people on the same island and fall, the player will be given whatever position they want and use the spaceship to descend. When you hit the ground, you’ll have to find items or weapons to get ready for the attack. Fight and show yourself as one of the 100 best players on the same island. Ring of Elysium is a skill game evaluation of players, so you do not need to add money to take advantage on their side. Get involved and become the last survivor. Attractive rewards await you.

Ring of Elysium MOD

Terrain combat

Currently, Ring of Elysium for iOS is applying two maps to the player. Coming soon, newer and more attractive maps will be released. The maps in the game are very large, but you do not worry about finding each other will take a long time. Because there is a safety area on the map, in a certain time, all players must move into the area. Of course, players who do not move in will die. The terrain on the map is very diverse as River, harbour, forest …

Ring of Elysium – New survival game by Garena

Graphics and sound

Being an attractive game and having a lot of players, surely the graphics of the game will not be bad. Ring of Elysium APK owns extremely graphic designs, images in the game are described in detail and true. Besides that, the sound system is vivid and dramatic, making the players feel like they are engaged in a real battle.

Ring of Elysium


Overall, Download Ring of Elysium is an extremely action-packed action role-playing game. With a survival style, players always have to use all their skills to win. This game is suitable for most PCs today. For easy installation, please click on the link below.