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  • Platforms: Android 5.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 89 MB
  • Date Updated: 25/12/2018

When watching the famous movies of Hollywood, you will see a lot of interesting action segments or unique chases around the city. You love chases around the city and want to experience a game with similar content. Ride or Die! Is the option that best suits your requirements. This is a racing game with very impressive content; you will experience crazy chasing scenes in the city with many unique challenges.

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In Ride or Die! for iOS, You will help Bhad Bhabie escape the police pursuit. You will have to move at high speed and avoid police pursuit. In addition to escaping the police pursuit, you will have to help Bhad Bhabie search for stolen cars. Bhad Bhabie possesses many impressive cars, and they have been stolen, you will have to help her overcome various challenges to collect the stolen cars. After collecting the cars, you will use them to participate in unique street races. Look for cars that have been stolen and bring them back to the track.

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Ordinary tasks

Your first task when participating in the experience is to escape the police pursuit; you will have to face a powerful police force. The police will stop you from finding stolen cars with many different obstacles. Many police cars will chase you, and they will create many different barriers to block your path. To escape from the police, you will have to jump on many different cars and control them to escape the police. On the way, you will have to change the car continuously to avoid arrest by the police.

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Also, you will receive many side quests while experiencing. These missions will help you get more bonuses and unlock more beautiful outfits. The costumes will be used to make Bhad Bhabie more impressive and make the experience more appealing.

Ride or Die! for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Street racing

After searching and collecting stolen cars, you will use those vehicles to join the fascinating street races. You will use the accumulated bonuses to repair and upgrade the cars. Join the impressive street races and rule the city with your great driving skills. Besides the task of avoiding police, street racing will bring a lot of fun experiences. Many impressive activities will help players get more excited and not be bored.

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Final evaluation

Ride or Die! is a game with impressive content with a variety of challenges and activities that give you a lot of fun experiences. Evading police pursuit, participating in street racing is the most impressive activities of the game. Besides, players will experience a good image quality and beautiful 3D graphics. The details are built vividly. Are you ready to go around the city? Please use the link at the end of the article to be able to experience the game quickly.