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  • Date Updated: 23/07/2018

Music has always been one of the joys of humanity for so long. We often sing when we are sad or feel good, songs that bring better emotions to people when they are in any difficult situation. Consequently, music games are always paid attention to by the players as these games provide an enjoyable experience for them. Rhythm Patrol is a music game released by Interactive Moolt. You will learn all you need to become a true musician in this game. These songs will make you feel better to relieve all of your stress.

rhythm patrol 2


In the game, you will be controlling the cute characters of a band. From the very beginning, the game will guide you on gameplay and how to use the basic features of the game. You can learn about this game more simply, do not skip it! Then you will control your characters to perform different musical lessons and use the instruments. Players can ask their characters to learn the use of any musical instrument they like, and your character will reach a higher level and become more famous.

rhythm patrol 3

Also, players can organize their performances so that their characters can level up more quickly. The gameplay is very simple, and players will not have much time to get used to the game. If you want to be a good player, you will need to practice a lot, songs that are hard to come by at all times and you need to finish them to be more famous.

Rhythm Patrol – Journey to Stardom

After completing the songs that the game offers, the audience will love your characters. You will earn more money corresponding to your popularity; you can use the bonus to buy new clothes for your character in the game store. Each outfit is unique in design, and players will always be delighted when their characters wear different costumes and perform on stage. This is a free game to experience, some items in the game will require players to pay with real money.

rhythm patrol 4

2D graphics

Rhythm Patrol APK Mod owns 2D animated cartoon style design. The characters in the game are designed in a fun cartoon style; their actions will make the player feel more fun. This is a music game, the songs in this game are great, and players will always want to hear them regularly.

rhythm patrol 1


Rhythm Patrol will be a fun game to help players relieve stress very well. With a fun graphics system with great songs, players will have the most fun experience when joining this game. You can experience the game easily with the link at the bottom of the article.