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You are a fan of horror games, so you must know about Reporter 2 on PC. This is a super horror game and very famous. The game is released by AGaming. The game is very popular with gamers because of its horror and story. On February 8th, the title was released by the producer to the mobile operating system to respond to the player’s feelings. This version will give players the most horrible trip. If you are a weak heart, then you need to consider carefully before playing the game.

Reporter 2 Introduction

reporter 2 apk 1

Download Reporter 2 was developed from the first version and received a lot of success. You will play as a reporter and involved in serious horrific investigations. After many difficulties and challenges, he found out the whole mystery and returned to daily life.

reporter 2 apk 2

But everything did not stop there, the days later, he received a lot of strange calls from a mysterious phone. That goes on and on and on and makes him fall into nightmares with horrific scenes, especially he saw a girl with a scary face and figure who follow him step by step. Not only that he also met a lot of ghost phenomenon appears unexpectedly. Coming to the game, you will become this reporter and need to do everything to survive in this dangerous place.

The game is not for the faint of heart

Reporter 2 for Android allows you to control your character and do everything completely. You have a useful tool, that is the camera. You can use it to look at each corner, the cold dark corridors and open the darkroom to explore and find the answer. That is one of the most thrilling experiences for anyone to face. If you can not solve the mystery, you will never be able to escape this place.

reporter 2 apk 3

The game is not only dark as a scary companion to you, but also a lot of creepy creatures. It will make you close your eyes when you are caught. They always appear in the corner of the house, on the roof or in the dark corridors … So the game is not for those who are weak hearted. Even ordinary people in the game feel very scary.

Reporter 2 Apk v1.02 Mod Full for Android/iOS

3D graphics give an unforgettable experience


To increase the horror and mystery of the game, the producer has equipped the game with a beautiful graphics. Reporter 2 for iOS is developed on the advanced 3D technology; it will bring you the most horrible time. All the details in the game from corpse to ghost are very scary designs; you will be very obsessed when seeing them. You need to be calm when playing. Otherwise, you will probably throw your phone away because too afraid.

reporter 2 apk 4

General comment

Reporter 2 Mod Apk is quite similar to the previous version, but it has been upgraded a lot in terms of difficulty and horror. Do you have the courage to play the game? You can download the game via the link below. Again, warns: The game is not for the faint of heart because it is easy to affect your health. I wish you a good day.