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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 10.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 24/03/2018

If you are a fan of blockbuster action movies, or especially the Rampage movie in which Dwayne Johnson is the main character. Recently, the publisher of Warner Bros. International Enterprises has launched a virtual reality mobile game that is Rampage: AR Unleashed. Join the game; you will be controlling a monster and destroy everything that appears before your eyes. This is a game that is being loved by so many people. If you are curious about this game, find out more in the article below.

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Interesting story

Davis Okoye is a famous American biology doctor. In his daily life, he has a close relationship with a giant gorilla named George. From a very young age, George was well trained, helping the animal to be very obedient. However, during a mutant experiment, George was genetically engineered to make it bigger and become a scary monster.

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How to play

Joining Rampage: AR Unleashed APK, you will be in control of three giant monsters named George, Ralph and Lizzie. George is a gorilla giant with white fur, Ralph is a wolf with sharp teeth, while Lizzie was a crocodile unkindness All three are outwardly generally big and have great power. The player is allowed to choose the location for these three monsters anywhere in the city and start destroying everything. Players can adjust the large or small size for their character arbitrarily to fit the surrounding space. Just keep them as you can make them bigger than a building. Attack everything and do not forget that the police are always following you.

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Download Rampage: AR Unleashed APK

Graphics and sound

Rampage: AR Unleashed APK Download owns extremely awesome 3D graphics design. Publishers have claimed that they will use AI technology in their games, giving users the most enjoyable experience. Monster images are very realistic 3D design, players can control his character in every angle, like racing games. Live sound is no different than a Hollywood blockbuster.

rampage ar unleashed


Overall, Rampage: AR Unleashed for Android is a highly addictive action RPG. The gameplay and graphics are well invested from the publisher. Currently, Rampage: AR Unleashed for iOS is being sold on the Android Store and is getting a lot of hits from players around the globe. So, Rampage: AR Unleashed APK will make you happy. Here is a link to help you easily install the game.