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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 59 MB
  • Date Updated: 05/05/2018

Are you looking for a new and exciting game? Want to have adventurous attractions and many horror elements? Download Rake Monster Hunter now. This is an extremely new game released recently by producer OneTonGames. Although only released shortly, the game quickly received a lot of positive reviews from the players and received hundreds of thousands of downloads. So what makes the game attractive? Let’s find out through the article below.

rake monster hunter 4

Introduction to the game

Rake Monster Hunter for Android is an FPS game but has a lot of horror elements. You will become a true hunter. Here, you will be confronted with scary animals hiding in the jungle. Your task is to find them and kill them. A lot of people go to this forest and are missing. Until they are found, they are dead. On their bodies are strange wounds. After all, I have seen the game has a pretty interesting plot and attract players. You can not play the game until you overcome the difficulties and challenges in the game.

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How to play

Rake Monster Hunter Mod Money is an FPS game so you will own quite a variety of guns. Besides, there are a lot of useful tools for you to fight off monsters. These can be tiny spy cameras, bear traps, hunting rifles, flashlights and many other exciting gadgets waiting for you to explore. Your goal in the game is very specific, that is to hunt these scary creatures and destroy them. But one of the most important things in the game is that it will be hard for you to return home.

rake monster hunter 2

Rake Monster Hunter Android Gameplay

What you need to do in the game is to act very carefully and smartly. Everything you do in the game can endanger yourself. The monster killed so many people, and it knows what it must do to … kill you. Therefore, always remember that … never become prey. Try to find beautiful locations and set traps, then set the camera to observe. You also need to be in a combat situation because the monster can appear anywhere, whenever it is from the back, above the head.

rake monster hunter 1

Rake Monster Hunter Mod Ammo has different levels of play. Game extremely difficult for you to pass. If you are a fan of hunting, horror, FPS, this is a great choice. You will be a brave and talented hunter in Rake Monster Hunter.


Rake Monster Hunter APK Download is a game you should not miss this summer. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!