• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 240 MB
  • Date Updated: 30/03/2019

The fiercest races are waiting for you in Racing Wars, join this crazy challenge and become the ruler of the city. Different from the usual high-speed challenges, in this game you will have to overcome many different obstacles and destroy the required targets to complete the challenge. Besides the high-speed race is an impressive range of explosive effects that will delight you.

racing wars 2

Many exciting races

Similar to the name, Racing Wars for iOS offers more crazy challenges than games with the same content. Instead of taking part in normal high-speed races, you have the opportunity to enjoy survival races. You have to control a car and pass a series of obstacles along the way. And the way to remove obstacles is to stab them. To eliminate obstacles and overcome them, you need to control the car carefully.

Racing Wars for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Over 125 unique tasks with different requirements will make you love and have lots of fun experiences. Each mission will give you a new experience at a new location in the city. You can experience crazy missions like escape or bank robbery and many other challenges for you to entertain.

racing wars 3

Exciting driving

With crazy challenges and missions, the game’s control system is very simple. For good control, you need to experience and practice regularly. The control system will give you a virtual key on the right and a virtual key on the left side of the device’s screen. To drive, you will use the virtual key to the right of the device’s screen. Touch this virtual key and hold to drive, drag to the left or right to select the direction of travel when driving. As for the virtual key on the left side of the screen, it will help you speed up when needed. This virtual key is only used when you have accumulated a little nitro.

racing wars 4

Upgrade your car and many beautiful vehicles

For high-speed challenges, owning an upgrade system is essential. With a diverse upgrade system, you can freely edit your car. Car upgrades can help you move faster and avoid the pursuit of police forces. Also, when you have to deal with a large police force, the upgrade also makes your car more durable. Your car will withstand many bumps when it is upgraded regularly.

racing wars 5

Besides upgrading cars, you also have the opportunity to use dozens of new and more powerful vehicles. Each new car will be unlocked after you complete the challenges and accumulate the amount of money the game requires. Using new and stronger cars makes you ready to face more than four crazy bosses. Fight them and prove you will be the next boss of the city.

racing wars 1


Racing Wars provides a monumental 3D graphics with many true colors. The image details of the game are built vividly with different landscapes in the city. You are allowed to enjoy many explosive images of cars when colliding with obstacles. The colors used in the game are harmoniously coordinated to help create exciting emotions. In particular, the images are also prepared with day and night systems to help the races become more authentic.