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NetEase is a well known and well-known gaming game for gamers around the world. There are a lot of products that have made great success in the game market can be referred to as Hunting Era, PUBG or Onmioji. In recent times, PUBG’s popularity has spread all over the world; the game has quickly topped the Steam game chart. To continue the success of the PC version, NetEase developed a game that looks quite similar to PUBG but was designed on a mobile device called Quantum Special Attack (Fortnite Mobile). Talking about mobile games, the company also has a lot of success recently and received many compliments from players such as Knock Out and Rules of Survival. It is certain that Quantum Special Attack APK will also gain a lot of success in the future and bring the NetEase brand to a new level.

Quantum Special Attack APK Mod Money

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Familiar living genre

Players will be fully in control of their character. The game also has a lot of play modes for you to choose. You will be assigned many different tasks and must work hard to implement it. Besides, you are also equipped with many modern types of equipment. You can fly in the air thanks to ultra-modern skateboards, running through containers or finding a place to hide to avoid enemy chase.

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Around you are a lot of dangers, so you also need to find an ideal place to hide, you will be provided with equipment that allows you to quickly deluge in a sophisticated way that no one can detect. But interesting things are waiting for you in the back, and you discover them yourself.

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Impressive graphics

Quantum Special Attack APK Download is a very sophisticated graphics designer. You will be impressed with it at first sight. You will be overwhelmed by the beautiful sunset sky without a bit of darkness. It makes your mood a lot better and more focused on the upcoming battle. A point where the game is quite similar to Fortnite, which is quite different graphics in the game compared to other games of the same genre. Wars will take place everywhere from the street, the parking lot to the house. Currently, only two languages are available in Chinese and Japanese. You can use Chinese to read weapon information and match details. But if you do not understand these two languages well, the new battle is all you need to pay attention to. Weapons and equipment have detailed descriptions.

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Character and how to play Quantum Special Attack

Quantum Special Attack for Android is a cute, eye-catching animated design. That is why the game is like a Fortnite Battle Royale mobile version. You have lots of characters to choose from. You can also combine many different costumes to create your style. Like most of today’s hot-blooded shooter games, you will be released on a large island. You do not come here to discover or save people. You come here to kill all those who live on the island. You need to be the last survivor to win. Some of the differences that you can recognize right after the game are that it was replaced with a skateboard. The map is also designed in quite peaceful, not as dangerous as other games. The weapons in the game are also full; you can own a variety of weapons with different strength.

Quantum Special Attack APK Download for Android

General comment

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Quantum Special Attack for iOS will help you to experience a true sense of life. You will have a great gaming experience. Here is all the information that has collected to provide you with the upcoming hot game shortly. You can download the beta by visiting the link below or wait for the official release. PiePure will update information about the game continuously so you should regularly visit the site to capture the game information. I wish you a good day!