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  • Platforms: Android 4.3 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 892 MB
  • Date Updated: 21/03/2018

Download PUBG Mobile APK has officially released worldwide; the game supports two mobile platforms, iOS, and Android. Players can download PUBG Mobile now, the game has about 800MB and requires high device configuration. The game is being released for free. This is a great opportunity for many players because they can experience PUBG Mobile without buying a game and they can experience on their mobile device anywhere. Let’s find out about PUBG Mobile.

How to play

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At the start of PUBG Mobile for Android, players can feel the familiarity, from character creation to gameplay. The gameplay in PUBG Mobile will be reproduced the same as the PC version; the difference is very little. The controls are pretty easy to use. Players will be dropped on the plane down the map; they must collect weapons and equipment scattered throughout the map.

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Players must do everything possible to survive and defeat other players to win. The weapons system of PUBG Mobile is very diverse and includes all the weapons on the PC version such as AKM, M4A1, Kar98 … Players need to look for other equipment such as Hats, pan, armour bulletproof to increase your survivability. With the playable and attractive features of the PC version, players can experience PUBG Mobile for iOS on their mobile device.

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PUBG Mobile APK by Tencent

Graphics and sound

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PUBG Mobile by Tencent owns a very beautiful 3D design and impressive, the game uses the latest technology Unreal Engine 4. Players will experience the image more and greater, PUBG Mobile’s visual design will be very similar to the PC version, the scene explosion beautifully, the map and is described very clearly. The sound in the game is very clear; players can hear any sound of guns or enemy footsteps.

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Download PUBG Mobile is a lot of players expect and interest, the game has the same style with the PC version, equipment system and weapons are very diverse, the design of PUBG Mobile is not the inferior version on PC. After the launch, PUBG Mobile will soon reach great success and receive a lot of love of players around the world. Download PUBG Mobile to experience the ultimate survival game right on your mobile device. You can download PUBG Mobile using the link below the article.