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PUBG is one of the most popular games in the PC game market overworld. However, this game’s publisher recently announced the official version of the game on the mobile platform called PUBG: Army Assault. That promises to give users a great experience.

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Bluehole has cooperated with well-known Chinese game developers to launch two PUBG games: Army Assault and PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield. Although the two games have quite similar graphics, they are aimed at different players. If PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield gives players the standard experience of the PUBG survival game, PUBG: Army Assault for Android brings players new and unique modes of play. Join to find out what the exciting game is through the article below.


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Features of PUBG PC are still kept intact on PUBG: Army Assault for iOS. A specialist aircraft will drop the soldiers into an island surrounded by wide sea. Each mission is survival, you must quickly pick up the weapons, equipment needed to be ready to fight, because around you are always the ones who want to kill you. To increase the difficulty of the game, the PUBG: Army Assault map will gradually shrink over time, so you have to quickly reach the safe area if you do not want to lose your blood. Move fast and be alert to the dangers that are stalking you everywhere at the same time.

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Besides, PUBG: Army Assault for iOS owns two game modes of the classic shooter game is battles and life-and-death. There will be heavy-duty warships or modern helicopters, many towers, even a nuclear reactor. The enemy base can be bombed anytime. More specifically, the sea battle will be the main context of the game with all sorts of canoes, warships and huge battleships, promising to bring players the unique experience.

Weapon system

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Download PUBG: Army Assault uses weapons like knives, swords, and popular military guns such as Scar-L, Ak47 or M4A1, … You can choose your weapons as you want. However, you are not always able to pick up your favourite weapons, so you need to study all the PUBG weapons in the game. There are also many useful accessories such as helmets, armour, and shields to help you reduce damage and increase your health after a battle.

PUBG: Army Assault APK – Official PUBG for Android/iOS


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The latest Unreal Engine 4 technology has been used by Tencent’s publisher to bring the most vivid and realistic graphics. Moreover, PUBG: Army Assault Apk Mod also supports voice chat system to increase the ability to interact with friends, fight anytime anywhere.


Now we can not say much about this game, let’s wait more time to see what PUBG: Army Assault Mod will bring and may it can change the gaming habits of mobile users. It is expected that the game will be supported both iOS and Android.