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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 30/06/2018

Racing games or simulated car control always create a great attraction for players. This is also a very hot genre and has been developed by many game developers for years. In particular, as the market for mobile games exploded, car games were at the top of the charts. Games like Asphalt 9, Need For Speed, 3D Truck Driver: Offroad and Off Road Racing 3d are all great games to experience on Goole Play and the App Store. However, these games have been released for a long time and if you want to experience newer games then join PROJECT: OFFROAD.

project offroad 3

PROJECT: OFFROAD for Android is an entirely new game developed and distributed by BYCODEC GAMES. This is a very popular publisher and has been promoting the genre of driving simulation games. So, they have a lot of experience in designing and building games of this kind. PROJECT: OFFROAD APK Download promises to be a very hot game and attract a lot of people.

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High-quality graphics.

It can be said that this game has a very beautiful 3D graphics design and sharp. Very few of these simulation games have such beautiful graphic designs. The car images, maps and small details along the way are carefully designed. Also, realistic physics effects will be the strength of this game. A beautiful 3D graphics design combined with genuine physics effects will create an extremely high-end and attractive game.

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Simple gameplay

Come to PROJECT: OFFROAD APK Mod, you will participate and become a top terrain car race. Select the top-of-the-range cars and get ready for the race. Of course, you will not have any direct competitors; the race will start with you alone.

project offroad 6

However, the main difficulty is the rugged terrain appears on the track. Challenging terrains will constantly appear and make you difficult. You will have to manipulate the car so skillfully to overcome this difficult terrain. This task is not easy because the terrain will be difficult to overcome.

project offroad 2

PROJECT: OFFROAD for Android – Gameplay

However, if you are familiar with the way the car is moving then this will be much easier. Not only that, the game will give players 50 different levels to be able to pass. The races will have increased difficulty, and you will have to spend a lot of time to overcome. At each race, after completion, you will be rewarded with a lot of money. Use that money to upgrade your car or unlock new cars in the game’s store system.

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Join the game

Although PROJECT: OFFROAD made a game with the old genre, but the game also has a lot of interesting features for players to explore. In particular, top-notch 3D graphics design will make the player feel very excited. So, download the game and get some new and exciting experiences.