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You will probably have the same question as me after watching the video trailer of this game: New Anime? Yes, Anime is always greeted warmly by its charm, cute through the game trailers of Japan. Cygames Publishing announces the launch of a Japanese-branded RPG game in mid-February, which is a perfect combination of the grandiose plan in 2016 and Princess Connect! Re: Dive in 2017.


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Princess Connect! Re: Dive is about the journey of destroying monsters of a princess, she is a powerful warrior with different characters. Overcoming challenges to answer the question: who are they, who they want to be, and what they must do to answer those questions. Besides, new friends will constantly appear, so you do not have to play lonely that helps you to be stronger.

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Download Princess Connect! Re: Dive has a lot of characters divided into different classes for your choosing. Gloved men, wearing heavy armour and always carrying large swords, using their own power to pioneer the battle. Wars always have losses, the gunmen can cause continuous damage in fierce wars, and the magician is capable of launching magical attacks that blow a legion in a blink of an eye. If your defensive stats are too low, do not worry, some people will help you survive longer in the war.

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You will know more stories about each character in Princess Connect! Re: Dive Apk Mod With the famous 2D graphics of Japan, the landscape of the game is created in a very gentle and delicate way: castles, hills, rivers, lakes, trees, flowers, leaves, … Choose a character that is suitable for your gameplay and experience it!

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Princess Connect! Re: Dive APK Mod for Android/iOS

Additional information

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The producer revealed: Princess Connect! Re: Dive for Android will be launched soon with most of the main members in the project, he can be Kohei Tanaka, who is responsible for the music of the game; Wit Studio, behind the hit films attacking Titan, will take over the anime in the game and the script will be directed by Akira. It can be said, thanks to these celebrity names, the game will be a big hit in the entertainment industry in 2018.

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Princess Connect! Re: Dive for iOS was opened for the first time in 2017, but this version promises to bring many surprises to the players. Especially the new players will receive small gifts; they are useful a lot throughout the game. Download Princess Connect! Re: Dive and receive many gifts!