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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
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  • Date Updated: 13/04/2018

Have you ever imagined how it would be if one day you woke up and the world around you was engulfed in zombies? What do you have to do to survive? This is a nightmare that you want to get rid of right away, right? But if it happens then, you have confidence that you will overcome it. Join Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie to find the answer. The game was launched in early 2018 but received a lot of positive reviews from the players. Let’s find out what’s hot in the game below.

prey day survival craft zombie 1

Introduction to the story in the game

Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombies bring you to a world of death. Imagine, one day you suddenly wake up, around you appear a deadly virus for a series of people. The world is now a dead land. The corpses wandering everywhere. You need to find a way to survive in this dangerous world. Just one minute of distraction is you can lose the network. But not only the corpses, but many enemies are also ready to kill you to steal your belongings, food, etc.

prey day survival craft zombie 2

Now you must confront two enemies at the same time. Use everything you have to survive and overcome this disaster. I believe you will have an unforgettable adventure in Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie. Make it clear to everyone that you are the best survivor.

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Fight with your friends.

Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie for Android allows you to play with your friends and relatives. This increases your chances of survival. The living corpses are your greatest enemy, and you must always be ready to destroy them at all times whenever possible. This is one of the most important things you should keep in mind if you want to survive in this dangerous world. Try to find as many people as possible, combining them into one. You need to utilize all resources to grow and survive.

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Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie (Android) Gameplay

Your enemies can attack you at any time, so you always need to know how to choose a battle location as well as learn more new tactics. Try to set traps along the way to destroy the enemy.

prey day survival craft zombie 5

Explore new lands

Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie for iOS not only catch you kill enemies, but the game also requires you to search for new lands. Explore new lands to earn more valuable resources. These are important things for you to survive in this world. You should go to hospitals, supermarkets, public areas or big cities because there are a lot of food, medical equipment, weapons, etc. These are all very important things.

Dark world

Prey Day: Survival APK is equipped with 2D graphics quite simple. But the game will bring you a really dark world, where is full of dangers. You will have a sense of true existence.

prey day survival craft zombie

General comment

Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie Mod Money is a great choice for those who love adventure and explore the mystery. The eye-catching interface, attractive sound, true graphics, these are all elements of the game and make it a game you should not miss at the beginning of this year. You can access the link below to download the game. Have fun playing the game!