• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 41 MB
  • Date Updated: 23/07/2018

Today, we will introduce you to a new entertainment game released in recent days called Pop Shot! Golf. The game was released by Full Fat manufacturer and a lot of sports fans interested Golf. You will have the opportunity to become a golf player in the game; you show yourself as a good player with very high scores. This game will have a lot of challenges waiting for you, explore it now!

pop shot golf 2

Simple game

You will have the opportunity to become a professional golfer in this game, all you have to do is make the best shots and get a high score. The game has simple gameplay; players will not need any guidance to participate in this game. You will touch the screen of the device and control your stick to hit the ball. As you do more screen touches on your device, your ball moves farther. Therefore, players will need to perform the most accurate operation to achieve high scores. Also, the map of the game will be changed to the level of difficulty that the player is facing. You will face a much broader map, and they have more complex terrain to hinder your ball. Do not worry, if you have mastered your cane, your ball will move perfectly. Players must bring the ball to the white spots that appear on the map of the game to achieve the highest score.

pop shot golf 3

The unique ball

There will be a lot of random gems appearing on the court. Use your ball to collect the gems to make them richer. You can use the gems you collect to unlock new balls. Balls have unique designs and colours that will make the player feel more interesting as they pass the higher difficulty levels.

pop shot golf 4

Pop Shot! Golf for Android/iOS – Gameplay


Pop Shot! Golf for Android owns the beautiful 3D graphics. The game is bright in colour and players will easily observe all the happenings happening on the screen of the device. In the game, your character will not appear, you can only see the stick on the map of the game, and it is interesting. The sound of the game is well designed to make the player feel more fun.

pop shot golf 1


If you are looking for a game to optimize your time in the boring weekend, then Pop Shot! Golf will be the perfect choice for you. With simple gameplay and a variety of difficulty levels, players will quickly forget the time when they join this fun game. What are you waiting for? Join this game now to become the best player!