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  • Date Updated: 01/06/2018

Pokemon Quest is a new game from the famous Nintendo game maker. The game was originally released for the Nintendo Switch. Players will experience the feelings of youth associated with the movie Pokemon in this game. Recently, the developer will also announce the release of this version of the game on two popular mobile platforms, Android and iOS. Players can experience this super game right on their device for an indefinite period.

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Journey to Tumblecubes Island

When participating in Pokemon Quest APK, the player becomes a Pokémon Trainer. Initially, you can choose the type of Pokemon that accompanies you on this journey. You can choose Pokemon of different types such as electricity, fire, water, plants … You will use Pokemon to accompany you to fight other types of Pokemon on this mystical island.

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The gameplay is very simple; your Pokemon will automatically attack the opponent. You only need to do your Pokemon manipulation to use special skills to kill enemies in the fastest way. Also, if you do not have a lot of time to focus on this game, then you can use the auto feature. This feature allows Pokemon to use special skills immediately after charging enough power.

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Players will not need to focus too much on the task of defeating new types of Pokemon. When defeating a wild Pokemon, the player can collect these Pokemon for his army. You can use up to 3 Pokemon for a battle.

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After each battle, your Pokemon will gain experience points and level up. You can upgrade your Pokemon skills in the skill table. When your Pokemon has crossed a certain skill limit, they will start evolving. Players will gain a strong Pokémon when they reach high levels.

Unique graphic design

Pokemon Quest for Android owns Pixel-themed 3D graphics. Players are already familiar with Nintendo’s Pokemon-themed games. Most of these games have very realistic 2D or 3D graphics like Pokemon Go.

pokemon quest

Players will not need to worry about configuring their device to meet this game. The character’s skill effects are displayed very simply and not too nice. Pokemon is very fun and cute, and players will have fun with the graphics of this game.

Download Pokemon Quest for Android/iOS – Gameplay


Are you a fan of the popular Pokemon movie and enjoy the game of Nintendo? Pokemon Quest for iOS will be an option for you on your mobile device. Currently, the game has not been officially released for mobile devices. However, you often visit PiePure.Com to get the latest news on Pokemon Quest.