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  • Platforms: Android 5.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 80 MB
  • Date Updated: 29/03/2019

Are you a speed enthusiast? Do you love competitive challenges with high speed? You want to compete with many other players and win? With these requirements, the best option for you is Pocket Racing from PotatoPlay. When exploring this fun game, you have the opportunity to enjoy unique and gentle races. Also, the game’s races are online challenges, and you have the opportunity to show your ability to many other players. These speed challenges are endless and never boring, experience right now to not miss the exciting race ahead.

pocket racing 2

Exciting and gentle races

Pocket Racing for iOS offers more fun and gentle experience than Asphalt or Real Racing series. You will experience these fascinating races with an exciting one-touch control and unique 2D graphics. Each race allows you to compete online with five other players. Complete each race to help you get bonuses and experience points to advance the level.

Pocket Racing: Speed and Drift for Android/iOS

In particular, before participating in each race, each player will have to bet with a bonus amount. At the end of each race, players who complete the laps in the fastest way will receive many bonuses. These speed races and competition often take place at a fast pace. Therefore, you can relax for a short time very easily. Note, to participate in the races; your device needs to be connected to the internet.

pocket racing 3

Simple control system and varied maps

With these fun and gentle races, you will be able to use the simple one-touch control system and can comfortably enjoy the challenge with one hand. To speed up and move at high speed, you just need to touch and hold your hand on the device’s screen. Conversely, to reduce speed and perform drift skills, you only need to release your hand to brake. When participating in each race, you need to pay close attention to the map at the top of the device’s screen to perform the operations correctly. And next to the map will display a ranking for you to control the position of each player.

pocket racing 4

In this fun and easy-to-understand challenge system, the manufacturer has built and prepared various maps for players to explore. New maps will be unlocked after you reach new levels or complete requests from the game. With the individual designs of each map, you will have many interesting experiences.

pocket racing 5

Powerful vehicles

Pocket Racing APK Mod brings a variety of racing cars with unique power for you to experience. Each type will have its specifications and strengths. To compete with many other players, owning more powerful vehicles is essential. Use the bonus you earn to own new cars. Also, to improve the performance of a racing car, you need to upgrade continuously. Each race car has three stats that you must upgrade: Speed, Accel, and Drift. Play continuously and own a variety of racing cars to create your outstanding achievements.

pocket racing 1


Overall, Pocket Racing has a simple design but creates a lot of fun for you with attractive online competitive elements. Online competition helps players relax better than experiencing alone. Fun races and competition will help you get the most fun entertainment challenges. Download with the link at the end of the article to enjoy this fascinating game.