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  • Date Updated: 16/03/2018

Recently, the Pitaya Network developer from China has officially launched a game called Pocket Knights 2. The ARPG hacking game, Pocket Knights 2 is the next version of Pocket Knights that is waited by a lot of gamers. Pocket Knights 2 promises to bring players a new and unique experience.

Pocket Knights 2 APK Mod Money

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The story of Pocket Knights 2

The dragon is a very popular creature in Western and Oriental mythology, and you might be interested in a game with the appearance of a dragon. The story is about a nation which is threatened by dragons. They destroyed many the villages and fortified walls. The main character in the game is going to find the secret of the dragon, looking for the treasure of Starcraft to defeat the dragon and restore his country.

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The gameplay and the features of Pocket Knights 2

Download Pocket Knights 2 is an exciting game with a combination of action and traditional RPG style. Characters in Pocket Knights 2 are very diverse, with up to 100 heroes with different skills and different tactics. You can also easily control your characters in Pocket Knights 2 by touching the sides of the screen to control your character’s movement and attacking. You can control at the same time 3 heroes to fight against the enemy.

Pocket Knights 2 apk 2

This is quite similar to the other ARPG games. You seek and overcome the dungeons, with many monsters and dangerous to gain experience points and items to upgrade your heroes. The difficulty levels in Pocket Knights 2 are divided into three periods, you have to combine the heroes with your tactics to pass 3 stages in each difficulty level. Additionally, Pocket Knights 2 for Android also features an MMO with PvP mode. You can join guilds with your friends or other players. Fight together and get rewards and rare items. Pocket Knights 2 for iOS has many challenges for players to overcome.

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Graphics and sound

Pocket Knights 2 Mod Money is the next version of the Pocket Knights, which has stunning 3D graphics and is quite different from its predecessor. Characters and monsters are designed delicately; the surroundings are quite clear and realistic. The sound of the game is well represented with vivid skill effects in the battle.

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Pocket Knights 2 APK Mod is an ARPG game, nicely designed graphics with a compelling story. Tasks and challenges in the game are also various. Download the Pocket Knights 2 to experience the new and original. You can download the game via the link below the article.