• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 67 MB
  • Date Updated: 26/07/2018

Were you tired of traditional survival games and want to find a new feeling? We will bring you a new selection called Pixel Combat: World of Guns, the game released by GS Games Studio. The player will be on a strange island; you will have to survive on this deserted island. There are many dangers waiting for you on this island, let’s explore it now.

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Wilderness and dangers

You will become a survivor on this deserted island, which contains many of the dangers that you will face. Initially, players will have to look for different weapons on the island to fight the bloodthirsty zombies. You also need to look for other support items such as food, water … These items will help you survive and overcome the difficulties of the game.

pixel combat world of guns 4

At night, the zombies will become more dangerous. They can attack you at any time and destroy you. Therefore, players need to use all the different resources they earn in the natural environment to build a shelter for them. You can avoid the threat of zombies while in your house. Also, you can also use the house to preserve your resources and weapons.

pixel combat world of guns 1

The island has many different areas that players will need to explore, different areas contain a lot of mystery. You will have to find out the secret of this island and decipher the question: why are there zombies appearing here? The game has a lot of other mysteries are waiting for players to find out.

pixel combat world of guns 2


The control system of the game is very intuitive and easy to use. Players will quickly become acquainted with the controls of this game when they have played traditional role-playing games. However, the interface of the game is designed quite complex, and players need to familiarize themselves with this interface system for a long time. If you want to survive longer, then you will need to master your character most skillfully.

Pixel Combat World of Guns – Android Gameplay

Pixel graphics

Pixel Combat: World of Guns Mod Money is another version of the popular Minecraft game. Of course, this game owns the familiar Pixel-style 3D graphic design. The manufacturer has edited some of the visual effects of the game to be more reasonable within the context of the game. In particular, the zombies are designed to be very lively and give players the thrill of facing them. The sound system of the game also describes very well as the sound of zombies and the sound of the natural environment.

pixel combat world of guns


Pixel Combat: World of Guns will be a great choice for players looking to find a new survival game in style. This game has a lightweight of about 70 MB, and the game will run smoothly on low-profile devices. You can explore this game through our link.