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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 35 MB
  • Date Updated: 20/08/2019

Pinatas is an item made from a variety of materials such as cloth, paper, or ceramic with a variety of colors. Inside of pinatas are a lot of candy; they are used in festivals, celebrations or children’s birthday. People will hang them up and break it as a festival reward. From the above ideas, Playgendary manufacturer has released a game with content related to pinatas called Pinatamasters.

pinatamasters 1

Entertainment crazy

In Pinatamasters for iOS you will discover a lot of interesting and happy things, smashing the lovely and varied pinatas in the game to relax and get many exciting rewards. You will experience the feeling of participating in festivals and great relaxation. Discover pinatas with many unique shapes and many beautiful colors.

pinatamasters 2


Experience the game you will either smash or shoot pinatas with a variety of powerful weapons. You will join the game easily with a simple virtual key system, constantly touching the screen of the device to smash pinatas in the game. When you destroy pinatas, you will receive a lot of bonuses; the game is designed with multiple levels to challenge you and the people. Each level will have different pinatas, and you will never feel bored playing the game. Some levels in the game will have special challenges for you to experience such as destroying pinatas from time to time, smashing pinatas with sticks and many other challenges.

Pinatamasters for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In Pinatamasters APK Mod there are a variety of weapons to choose from, including chainsaws, pistols, machine guns, sticks, hammers, darts, light swords and many other unique and crazy weapons. Use in-game bonuses to upgrade and unlock multiple weapons when impressed. Powerful weapons will help you win the game in a simpler way. Each level in the game will take you to many famous places in the world, you will experience a game of entertainment and to visit many places in the world.

pinatamasters 3

Beautiful picture

The game is designed with good image quality and many colors. The layout of the game is flexible and easy to understand, you will quickly become familiar with the game. Color in the game is the highlight that makes the game interesting; the rich colors will stimulate you when you experience the game.

pinatamasters 4

Are you ready?

You want to experience traditional festivals and celebrations related to pinatas, experience Pinatamasters to satisfy your hobbies. The game is suitable for many people with little time to relax and be busy. The speed of the game makes it easy to experience the game in any location, whether it’s moving or standing still.