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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 21/04/2019

We Make Great Games and Apps is a famous quote from Gamma Play producer. They are a game production company, and many applications support users on mobile platforms. Their applications and games always get an impressive number of downloads on online stores. Some of their popular applications include: Photo Collage Maker, Be Fabulous PHOTO BOOTH or Vibration Meter PRO.

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Besides interesting applications, they also own many unique games like Jigsaw Puzzle Of The Day or Piano Wheel. In it, Piano Wheel for iOS is a product that has received good reviews from people all over the world. When you join it, you have the opportunity to enjoy many popular songs and how to play the piano in a unique style.

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As everyone knows, the piano is a famous and popular instrument in many different countries. This is a stringed instrument and has a long history of development. Also, the piano is an instrument chosen by composers often to use and compose many famous songs. Besides, owning a real live piano is not easy when they are very expensive and large. However, you still have the opportunity to enjoy much good music and explore the piano when participating in Piano Wheel APK Mod.

Piano Wheel – Play Awesome Piano Wheel

Become a musician

This is a fun entertainment game and creates many positive emotions for everyone. Instead of traditional piano playing, you will be involved in piano playing challenges with unique gameplay. The manufacturer will prepare four separate lanes and on each lane will appear balls with different colors. Your task is to control an orange ball and destroy the balls along the way to play music. Besides, you have to avoid the red balls appearing on the way. If you touch the red balls, the challenge will end, and you have to play again.

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To avoid the red balls and enjoy many attractive tracks, you need good reflexes and quick observation. The red balls will appear continuously and are arranged around the balls you need to destroy. Therefore, you need to carefully observe the screen of the device and perform the controls correctly. With lots of compelling songs to entertain, continue to take on challenges and create many good achievements to compete globally on the game’s rankings. Overcoming many songs and not colliding with obstacles on the way will help you achieve high positions.

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Piano Wheel has a user-friendly interface and is designed with beautiful details and bright colors. With this simple design, the game is a great option to relax, and it is suitable for all ages. Besides, the design is based on the cylinder music box also helps bring familiarity to everyone.

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Besides the unique gameplay, the game is also prepared with a series of popular and pleasant songs for you to enjoy. Each piece of music will give players a unique feel and comfort when experiencing. When you’re bored, you can discover fun songs and bright rhythms. On the contrary, you need quietness and softness, the songs have a pleasant syllable and are simply the best choice for you.