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Download Phantasy Star 2 Classic APK is a new game, this is a remake version of Phantasy Star Online released by Sega. Phantasy Star Online is an RPG gameplay that has made Sega – one of the biggest game makers of that time. Although Sega has closed after 16 years of its release, the gamers still love this game and try to maintain the game for 16 years. In response to the love of gamers, Sega decided to go back and bring the next part of the game to players around the world on the mobile.

Phantasy Star 2 Classic APK v1.1.1 Mod Unlocked for Android/iOS

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Phantasy Star 2 Classic for Android is part of the Forever Sega series, marking milestones that the series has achieved, including many well-known games such as Altered Beasts, Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star 2 Classic, Kid Chameleon, and Comix Zone. Besides, the manufacturer promised that every two weeks they would launch new free mobile game to help players relive their childhood memories.

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You will fight against evil enemies. These forces create many robots with the intention of destroying the world. Your task is to find weapons and equipment to destroy these robots. The needed items to perform the task will be unlocked gradually in each round, and you also can receive unexpected skills aster the rounds. Although the game is not equipped with top graphics, it still has some attractive points thanks to the simple but funny gameplay. Surely, you will be very satisfied with what the game brings. Phantasy Star 2 Classic for iOS will bring you back to life in the 90s.

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Attractive features in Phantasy Star 2 Classic

– A campaign in the game can last up to 30 hours
– The game is based on the classic 16-bit graphics
– You have to face a lot of different enemies with tremendous power like transformed creatures, robots and other fierce animals like Mota, Dezo and Palm.
– Weapon system such as laser sword, fireworks, fire buds …

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– You can also choose from 8 different characters, each of them has different skills and strengths. You need to find the character that suits your gameplay.
– You can download and play games for free
– Save your progress wherever you are, when you are busy
– You can play the game through Bluetooth
– An offline game, so you do not need a network connection to play the game.

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Download Phantasy Star 2 Classic APK Mod Unlocked

General comment

If you are a fan of Phantasy Star, you can not ignore Phantasy Star 2 Classic Mod Unlocked – a masterpiece that only appears once in your life. Phantasy Star II only supports the Android operating system, so iOS users will have to wait a while longer. You can download the game via the link below. I wish you a good day!