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  • Date Updated: 11/03/2018

You are a fan of football and love football games like FIFA and PES but do not have enough time to play football with your friends or do not have a PC strong enough to play the game on. Do not worry, today, will bring you a very hot game in early 2018. Pes Card Collection was released by Konami and enjoyed by many gamers. You can download games on both Google Play and the App Store with a capacity of only 260 MB. This is a football management game with lots of gamers interested. Let’s find out what the interesting game from the article below!

Pes Card Collection APK Mod Unlimited Money

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Pes Card Collection – football game on mobile

Download Pes Card Collection is a game that many people love, it is football. As the game launches, the game is expected manufacturers will reap much of success and become a game boom tons in early 2018. On the first day of launch, February 14, 2018, the game quickly reached 10,000 downloads and was ranked in the top downloads of the week on Google Play and the App Store. The above information is a guarantee of the appeal of the game. Download games and experience, you will definitely have a great experience.

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Explore the in-game card system

Pes Card Collection Mod Money brings you many different tasks. But in which your main task in the game is to collect the cards of the most famous players in the world into his squad. At this point, try to develop your squad and participate in various medal matches. Will you make your squad the best team in the world? It is a long and arduous journey that you need to overcome. There are many factors that affect the strength of the team that you need to care for.

download pes card collection for ios

Simple control and easy to familiarize

Pes Card Collection APK is designed to be as simple and optimal as possible so that all players can play the game easily. The virtual key system in the Pes Card Collection for iOS is well organized and easy to see so players can quickly control. But to achieve great success, you need to master the skills of squad control, tactics and much more.

Varied card system

download pes card collection for android

The game is equipped with an extremely diverse card system for players to choose from. You will get the teams you want with the best players in the world. You can own famous players in different teams such as Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Germany, England, Italy, etc. Try to win all tournaments and become the strongest team in the world.

Rich play modes

Pes Card Collection Mod brings you two game modes: AI and PVP. With AI mode, you will be fighting with the machine. This is where you can improve your skills and use new tactics for your team. Once you are confident in your abilities, you can participate in PvP battles. This is where you and other players will compete against each other through an internet connection. Also, you can participate in the ranking competition to show your level to any other player in the world.

Make friends with other players

download pes card collection

One of the features that many gamers love is the ability to make friends. You can exchange experience and different tactics with all other players around the world. There are many different types of stickers to make your conversations more lively and engaging.

Download Pes Card Collection – Play PES in the style of collect cards

Graphics and sound in the game

Pes Card Collection APK Download is equipped with the latest 3D graphics. The game will give you extremely realistic battles, and you will be immersed in the fiery battle. Besides, the sound in the game is also very lively. The cheers of the audience, the kickball … are described as authentic. You will have a great time playing the game.

General comment

Pes Card Collection is an extremely attractive sports game that you should not miss. Thanks to the attractive gameplay and multi-card system, the game will certainly be successful in 2018. You can download the game for free via the link below. I wish you a good day.