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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • File size: 32 MB
  • Date Updated: 13/02/2019

The impressive one-touch operation will help you get many interesting challenges. If you are interested in simple and fast-paced experiences, products from Mark Fun Play manufacturer are the most suitable option today. Their products are well prepared and have easy-to-understand gameplay that makes it easy to relax. These challenges are not too complicated; you will easily control the game and not take much time. Pendulum 3D – today’s most impressive challenge of Mark Fun Play. This product offers an exciting one-touch challenge and easy stress relief.

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Unique graphics

Pendulum 3D for iOS has an attractive 3D graphics and is designed to fit the gentle entertainment needs of many users around the world. The image does not have too many outstanding details but is consistent with gameplay. The interface and colour are also designed to be simple and easy to see. The colours used and arranged scientifically will help you always feel new when you join the new level of difficulty. Diverse maps with many different details provide a lot of fun for you.

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Interesting challenge

In  , you have the opportunity to experience simple one-touch operation and get more fun. The game is designed with different levels and maps to challenge people. You have the task of removing round balls and square blocks that appear on the map. You are provided with a long cylinder to remove round balls and square blocks. The long cylinder will move in a circle, and you just need to touch the screen of the device to control. Touch to select the position you want the cylinder to move to. Touch various locations on the map to complete the mission.

Pendulum 3D – Clean up the Balls

Many interesting levels with a variety of different maps, each level will bring different unique images for you to enjoy. Overcoming each level helps you create many impressive achievements, experience and discover hidden blocks within each map. These hidden blocks will appear at different positions in each level. Discover the possibilities of these mysterious blocks to experience more exciting. One-touch operation is simple and does not require players to spend a lot of time getting used to. You can easily experience the game while travelling on public transport.

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You will love this game

Are you looking for simple and suitable games for your limited leisure time? Do you need fast-paced and easy-to-install challenges? Pendulum 3D APK Mod is a reasonable choice for you. It offers fascinating challenges and a simple graphics system. Players will be able to relax after hard work. Gameplay is not so complicated; you do not need to spend a lot of time to experience and still have lots of fun emotions. Also, building a game with images and normal gameplay helps the game to own small size. Small size makes it easy to install and experience on many different devices. You can experience it easily without owning a complex configuration device.