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  • Platforms: IOS 9.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 14/03/2018

Do you love adventure sports, especially skiing? This sport is really fun and gives a great feeling when you can overcome the challenges. Skiing is fun, but not everyone can experience this sport because their country does not have snow. Download Peak Rider Snowboarding, a simulation game of this sport in great detail. The game was released by Battery Acid Games, Inc.; it will give you the most realistic feeling of the sport.

Peak Rider Snowboarding APK Mod Gold



When starting, you will be given a choice of 6 characters. Your starting position is on a very high mountain; you have to slide to the designated location. In the ski trip, you have to perform jumps, dodging rocks and trees around you. You need to speed up and move skillfully to reach the destination quickly.


If you can not finish the game you can be hung on the tree, crashed into a big rock … this is scary. Therefore, you need to skillfully move and use your skills in time to overcome the challenges in the game.

Other features


Peak Rider Snowboarding Mod Gold has a lot of features to bring you the most exciting experience. When you slide at super speed on the snow surface, overcome obstacles on the road, there are many terrains for you to pass, you will find many new and interesting things. Overcoming these challenges at high speed.

peak rider snowboarding

Peak Rider Snowboarding for iOS has 4 game modes including Stunts, Multiplayer, Stunts and Arcade. Each mode has its own unique features, giving the players different emotions. Skateboards and costumes are also various. You will be more excited about the new outfits with different styles in each match.

Peak Rider Snowboarding – Gameplay Trailer (iOS)

Graphics and sound

Peak Rider Snowboarding APK Mod has the lively 3D design. Attractive and adventurous skiing will be viewed from various angles. The scenery and characters of Peak Rider Snowboarding are also stunning and detailed. The sound is very good in sliding and manipulating the characters, even character’s breathing. The graphics and sound design are really great.



Download Peak Rider Snowboarding is a skiing game for those who love this sport but don’t have the opportunity to experience it. Peak Rider Snowboarding is a perfect choice with beautiful graphic design, lively sound. It promises to give the players the most realistic feeling about this adventurous sport. The game is available on the Google Play and the App Store, or you can download it via the link below the article.