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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 37 MB
  • Date Updated: 07/04/2018

Paw Snowy Ryder – The Run of Paw Patrol is a very exciting adventure role-playing game for you. Pu Puppy Patrol is lost in an old jungle and is in dire need of you to escape from here. Players will be in control of a character fleeing by enemies, on the run you will have to dodge obstacles and do not forget to eat gold coins to use in useful things. The game was produced by moeship studios publisher, launched on March 16, 2018, currently available for sale on the Google Play store. For more information about this game, read our article below.

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How to play

Joining Paw Snowy Ryder APK, the player controls a character who is fled by monsters in the jungle. Use the skills of running, jumping, dashing or sliding through … to dodge the obstacles in front. While playing, players also experience beautiful scenes by designing crisp 3D graphics. Eat gold coins on the way to unlock more characters in better shape.

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Initially, the protagonist in the game will run at a relatively slow speed, allowing players to easily get used to the way the game.

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But the longer you run, the faster the character’s speed will be, the harder it will be to dodge obstacles. Therefore, all players need to be clever and always keep the focus to achieve the highest score. This is a nonstop run game, more excellent players will have longer run times, which means higher scores.

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Paw Patrol Snowy Ryder Escape – Run of Paw Patrol Ryder Through The Frozen Jungle

The running terrain and surrounding landscapes are one of the advantages that make the game a lot of players love. From running in the snow to running in the jungle, besides the many dangers awaiting, use skills like jumping or sliding to pass all. On the run, players can own items such as jetpack, money magnet, sneakers … Join the game and run until you cannot control anymore.

Main features of the game

– Players will be able to participate in different running terrains
– Unlock all characters
– Use skills to run, jump, turn left, turn right or bend.
– There will be a leaderboard after each turn
– The game will have updates to be more complete

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Graphics and sound

Paw Snowy Ryder – The Run of Paw Patrol APK Download owns a great 3D graphics design. Character images and obstacles … are described in great detail and sharp, giving the player a sense of attractiveness. Besides that, the sound system is extremely vivid; you will be running on a fun music background, bringing the great relaxing moments when joining the game.


Overall, Paw Snowy Ryder – The Run of Paw Patrol is a very engaging adventure role-playing game. The game is suitable for all ages; you can join the game at any time. Here is a link to help you easily install the game.