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You’ve played too many 3D games in the current game market, most of them designed to play with a lot of people, and you have to spend hours playing if you do not want your character weaker other characters. Sure, you’ve been so boring with such gameplay, I’ll introduce you to a game called Panda Power. The game is developed by RedFish Games, which is an adventure game and is getting a lot of love around the world. The game is very similar to Mario, but the gameplay is different, I will give you more information about the game in the article below.

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If the character Mario makes the journey through the dangerous lands to rescue the princess, the panda in the game again made adventures through the land is controlled by a dark force. They must use their special skills to overcome various challenges, to rescue the kingdom from the dark forces.

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How to play

In Panda Power Mod Money, you’ll be playing cute panda characters, each with different shapes and special skills (for example, a red lightning bear and possessing the ability to roll and roll. The bears are strong in blue protective clothing and possess a shield to avoid attacks from the enemy, bear in brown costumes and possess a hat fitted inside can fly quickly, …). You will have to use the right panda characters, to overcome the challenges that are waiting, the difficulty of the game will increase with each level you pass.

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Download Panda Power Gameplay Trailer

The game is designed to be very simple; you just use the four virtual keys on the screen, two keys to move left or right, one for the high jump, one for special use skill of each character.

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Special point

– There are two different game modes to choose from;
– There are two levels of play: normal and difficult;
– You can own new characters when overcoming challenges in the game.

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Graphics – Sound

Panda Power APK Download uses simple 2D graphics, beautiful visuals, bright colours, and the creation of cute, adorable characters that make you feel comfortable playing. The sound is well-invested, lively, fun and classically attractive to the gaming experience.


The game is fun, cute, suitable for all ages and sex. To download and install games on your device, visit the link below.