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Japan is a country with the huge entertainment industry. One of them is Anime. You are a lover of Japanese anime movies, so you cannot ignore Palette Parade. Palette Parade was developed by Silicon Studio producer; this is an exciting role-playing game. Palette Parade will bring a lot of new emotions and romance for players.

Palette Parade APK Mod Money

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In the game, Palette Parade for iOS is the name of an art museum, which there are many artists around the world. You will play as a girl working at the Palette Parade. You work and talk with handsome artists. Their names are similar to those of famous artists in the world. These artists are very talented, and they are looking for ways to maintain and develop the museum. The story revolves around the girl and the artist with fascinating details.

The characters of the Palette Parade

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The character system in Palette Parade for Android is very diversified, the appearance of 28 boys with different styles. Here are some of their characteristics.

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Vincent van Gogh, he is a good and lovely painter with red hair and bright smile. He lives with his passion painting; his best friend is Gain.
Leonardo da Vinci, he is a genius and good at many fields. With blue eyes like sea water, he can calm down and handle the problem in every situation.
Michelangelo di Ludovico Buonarroti Simoni is the rival of Leonardo da Vinci. He is a quiet man and has long blonde hair, he usually wears a wool hat and has little contact with others.

Palette Parade (パレットパレード) APK

Edouard Manet, He is the most handsome in the Palette Parade. He has a grey hair and a very masculine face; he is an extremist politician.
Gustave Courbet, this guy has blonde hair and very cold face. He is a pragmatist and hates illusion.
Palette Parade also has many other characters, all of them are good boys. If you are a girl in the Palette Parade and dream of a prince, Palette Parade can meet your expectations.

Graphics and sound

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Palette Parade Mod Money has the 2D graphic design with Japanese Anime style; characters are wonderful that are familiar to the anime fans. The sound system expresses the emotions and state of the characters in the conversations. Palette Parade will make players feel like they are in a romance story.

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Palette Parade APK Mod will bring the lovers of Anime a love story with many interesting details. Download the Palette Parade to experience the romantic and intriguing romance with the handsome guys in the game.