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  • Date Updated: 25/05/2018

The Blizzard Entertainment’s top FPS shooter game was Overwatch, and soon after, a game that everyone thought was a replica of the MOBA-FPS genre was the Paladins. Maybe, paladins are labelled as clones of the Overwatch but we can also see the good, and the number of Paladins is not inferior to the previous games.

Paladins Strike APK Mod Money for Android/iOS

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With the success of the Paladins on the PC, the publisher of Hi-Rez Studios has also targeted the mobile device market and has developed a MOBA style game for the market. It’s the Paladins Strike, which is currently being released on both mobile platforms, Android and iOS. Paladins Strike promises to re-enact Paladins on PCs in mobile devices. If you like Paladins, download the Paladins Strike to your phone and enjoy. The style of the Paladins Strike for Android is like many other MOBA style games; you will engage in a fierce 5v5 battle.

How to play

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Players will choose a character and control them. A match with ten players. Each side has a main house, and other buildings need to be protected. The map design of the game is divided into paths, where players need to split up into different locations and implement tactics. You try to destroy the soldiers or other players of the opposing team, try to occupy and destroy the enemy’s important objectives by the fighting phase. When one of the two main houses of the two teams is destroyed, the battle will be over, and any team that destroys the main house will become the winner.

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Paladins Strike for iOS also has many other game modes such as IFrame … In addition to the traditional gameplay requires personal skills and tactics of the team are above all, the other modes are also very creative and fun. You will take part in battles to complete the fight and collect points and defeat your opponent to win. Paladins Strike has a ranking mode for you to achieve high rankings.

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The character in the Paladins Strike Mod Money game is also very familiar, the developer Hi-Rez has put all the characters in the Paladins on the computer into this mobile game. Unlike Paladins on PC, characters in the Paladins Strike have other skills and power that will enrich the tactics of the game.

Download Paladins Strike APK Mod – FPS + MOBA

Graphics of Paladins Strike

Download Paladins Strike has a very nice 3D graphic design, lighting effects and engaging gameplay. The interface of the game is very intuitive and easy to use with very well-organized virtual keys that will feel comfortable and do not require much time to familiarize and play the Paladins Strike.

You can download the Paladins Strike

Paladins Strike a game with a familiar MOBA style. The game has a variety of game modes, graphics and sounds of the game are well designed, giving you the dramatic moment in the fighting phase. If you like MOBA games, download the Paladins Strike and enjoy.